Apple Streamlines the Windows Experience with Redesigned iCloud and Split iTunes App

Apple has overhauled its iCloud for Windows app, making it easier and more intuitive for users to manage their Apple content on PCs. The redesigned app features a new onboarding and setup process as well as informative syncing status displays. The app also has redesigned shortcuts to open iCloud content on a PC and improved photo syncing performance with Microsoft Photos. Additionally, physical security keys are now supported for secure Apple ID sign-in, and the frequency of sign-in prompts has been reduced.

iCloud Redesigned for Windows

With the iCloud for Windows app, users can access photos, files, passwords, and other important information from their iPhone or other Apple devices on their Windows PC. They can keep their photos up to date across all their devices and PC, create Shared Albums and invite others to add their own photos, videos, and comments, and access, add, and remove photos and videos from their iCloud Shared Photo Library. Photos can also be viewed directly in the Microsoft Photos app in Windows 11.

iCloud Drive allows users to safely store and access their files and folders, while iCloud Passwords lets them view and manage their passwords on their Windows PC. They can also save and sync their passwords across their devices and PC in Chrome or Edge using the iCloud Passwords extension, and generate Time-based One-Time Passwords (TOTP) in the iCloud Passwords app.

iCloud Contacts, Calendars, and Bookmarks keep contacts and calendars up to date across all devices and PC. Users can view their iCloud Calendar in Outlook, and Edge, Firefox, and Google Chrome Bookmarks automatically stay up to date with Safari.

In addition to the redesigned app, Apple has also split the iTunes app for Windows into four separate apps: Apple Music, Apple TV, Devices, and iTunes. The new Apple Music app features an updated UI, lossless playback, time synced lyrics, and 4K Music Videos. The Apple TV app provides access to Apple TV+ originals, purchased or rented video content, 4K playback, and subscription channels, including MLS Season Pass. The Devices app allows users to update, sync, and back up their Apple devices, while the iTunes app remains the home for Podcasts and Audiobooks.

This redesigned suite of apps streamlines Apple’s offerings on Windows, providing a more organised and user-friendly experience for managing content across devices.

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Source: Apple

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