Edifier Comfo Run: Full Review After 1 Week! Best Workout Headphones? 🤔

This is the new Edifier Comfo Run, a special type of headphones with an open-ear design made for you.

So, if you love exercising and don’t like speakers sticking in your ears, well, I took this for a RUN (get it?), and I’ll let you know who these headphones are for and who it is not.



Now, let’s start with the unboxing. Firstly, the box comes in white with the Edifier logo at the top left, the visuals of the headphones in the middle, and the model name at the bottom right. 

Then, towards the bottom side of the box, there’s a color variant as well, where black is the only available color as of now.

At the back of the box, there are some other specs, which also include a visual of what else comes inside the box. 

Speaking of which, other than the headphones itself, there’s the proprietary charging cable, the user manual, together with the warranty paperwork.

1.3 itself
1.4 cable

Design & Build

Moving on to the design and build, the Edifier Comfo Run has a matte silicone casing that feels pretty good to the touch. It has an open-ear design made for maximum comfort while wearing them. 

If you’re familiar with bone conduction headphones, this has a similar design language. However, instead of bone conduction audio output, there are special speakers with a unique acoustic cavity that minimizes sound leakage. 

This is perfect, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing other people when you’re listening to your music while working out or even in the office, where sound leakage is minimal.

And when you are in a quieter environment, people around you can hear what you’re listening to only if they concentrate hard enough.

The control panel of the Comfo Run is straightforward and minimal, with only the volume buttons and the multi-functional pairing button located just behind the right speaker. The connection of these two speakers is an elastic silicone-covered neckband that sits securely at the back of your neck.



From a hardware perspective, it comes with two large 16.2mm dynamic speaker drivers. Edifier claims that these drivers can produce smooth high-pitched sound and deep bass. 

The frequency response is between 20 Hz to 20 kHz, and the output sound pressure level is about 90 dB. The headphones connect via Bluetooth version 5.3 and support SBC and AAC audio codecs.

It comes with two built-in microphones and a beamforming algorithm, allowing for clear calls. 

Speaking of outdoors, it also has IP55 water and dust resistance, so you won’t have to worry about sweat or a little rain hitting the headphones while wearing them.



So, performance obviously won’t be typical of other headphones because of its uniqueness. 

The open-ear design means that it basically operates by transmitting audio through two speakers placed very close to the ears. This is pretty useful, especially if you’re using it outdoors because it helps you to be aware of your surroundings, especially when listening to music. 

However, there is a slight caveat to this design because while it makes the Comfo Run a lot safer to use when you’re on a run, once you reach a noisier environment, for instance, a busy part of the road or even in a shopping center, you will have a little more difficulty when it comes to music listening. This is also because the audio playback on the Comfo Run is a little lower in volume compared to conventional headphones.

However, while this may be a deal-breaker for some, it’s actually useful as it prevents ear fatigue. So, you can use these headphones a little bit longer without having to take them off every once in a while. I found myself almost the entire day just putting them on, resting just above my ears. That was the case during my testing over a week. 

If you’re wondering whether this is comfortable to sleep in, well, it’s called Comfo Run, not “Comfo Sleep”, so go figure. 

As the name suggests, it is pretty comfortable to wear. The silicone neckband rests fairly well at the back of my neck, and the speakers grip securely around my ears. So, I wasn’t worried about them falling off when I was doing certain activities like household chores, walking outdoors, and running on a treadmill.

However, I do feel that people with a slightly bigger neck or even longer hair might find the Comfo Run slightly less comfortable, as it might be a little small. For a person with longer hair, it might be an issue with the hair possibly hitting the headphones as well. 

Since I wear prescription glasses too, the good news is that they fit very well without any interference. 

The placement of the control panel is in a position that might take you a while to get used to since it is positioned just behind the ear. I already got myself familiar with the controls after the second day of use. 

This is because all the buttons are raised and easy to press, and the multi-functional pairing button is raised a bit higher too.

The control panel is also very simple to navigate, with the middle button being the multi-function button. This multi-function button on the control panel is used for pairing the headphones, answering or ending calls, and pausing or playing music. 



So, how does it sound? Well, despite the open-ear design and the lower volume, the sound quality produced on the headphones was surprisingly good. 

I used them extensively for the past week, and while they’re not as loud and clear as normal headphones, which is to be expected, they served me pretty well. They are clear enough for me to fully enjoy my music during use. The bass is well-defined, which is also a pleasant surprise. 

Since they support Bluetooth version 5.3, there was no audio latency when I was watching videos, even when I was trying to game on this Edifier Comfo Run, as Edifier mentions that it has 0.08s latency. While I didn’t exactly measure the latency, it was fine during casual gaming. 

The battery life is one of the standout features, as its runtime is quite long, and the fast charging capability is also a welcome addition. 

The only downside is the fact that it uses a proprietary charging cable, which I personally am not a big fan of. I do wish it had a USB Type-C connection with an added rubber flap to keep things water-resistant. In case you or I lose the charging cable, we can always use USB-C. 

As for battery performance, it has a runtime of 17 hours, and the headphones can provide you with 5 hours of runtime with just 15 minutes of charging. Based on my test, I got a few minutes less than 17 hours due to my preference of blasting the volume at max.



Now, let’s go through the app walkthrough, since this Comfo Run is one of the new devices to use the new Edifier ConneX app, which is not to be confused with the Edifier Connect app released previously. 

In case the headphones are not in pairing mode, just press and hold the multi-function button, and there will be a voice prompt to say that it’s pairing. Check the Bluetooth settings on your phone, and it will appear over there.

Once you’ve loaded the app, the device will immediately be connected. Look at the home screen of the app. Here’s where you can see the battery indicator. 

Below, there is the Sound Effects menu, where you can choose between Classic and Bass Boost. I personally prefer Classic because Bass Boost drowns the highs a little. 

If you’re planning on gaming to help reduce latency further, you can toggle the Game Mode over here. 

Next, the player menu will display the music info, the player controls, and the volume as well. 

When you select the gear icon towards the top right, there will be menus for:

  • A user manual, for a digital version of the user manual, just in case you lose the paper one, of course.
  • Next, you can select the volume of the voice prompt, the power-off options.
  • Then, there’s the pedometer, which is great because you can track your steps just in case you do not have a fitness band or anything similar. At this point in time, the steps are not counted in real time, and there’s no way to look back at how many steps you have later on. So, hopefully, there will be a software update that can help with this. 
  • Finally, there’s the Bluetooth and the factory settings over there as well.



So, in conclusion, the Edifier Comfo Run is a pretty solid pair of sports headphones. It might not be as full and loud as other conventional headphones, but the sound quality was very satisfactory, with enough clarity and bass despite its open-ear design. Minimal sound leakage is also a huge plus. 

It’s fairly comfortable and quite easy to navigate. However, as mentioned, it may not be the best fit for people with larger heads. 

It also has a very great battery life, and the call quality is nice and clear as well, making this new Edifier Comfo Run something really worth checking out. It comes with a price of only RM469 or USD97.

But keep a lookout at the links below, because they are apparently looking to have a promo soon that will significantly lower the price of this device. 

🛒 Get the Edifier Comfo Run at the link below:-

Shopee (MY) – https://invl.io/clksl21

Lazada (MY) – https://invol.co/clksl23

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