Fresh new GREENS on the iPhone 13 Series + iOS 15.4 and more!

So when Apple announced the new Green and the Alpine Green colors for the iPhone 13 lineup, I honestly thought that I was going to be one of the few people who is going to like these new colors, and when I posted these new phone images on my Instagram Stories, I was surprised by the number of people loving these new colors, including non-iPhone users!

So naturally, I wanted to get my hands on them, so I will be unboxing these two new colors, go through what makes these colors different compared to the previous green colored device that Apple has released, talk about the new unlock with a mask on feature on the iOS 15.4 and also let you know what other cool green accessories that can go along very well with these phones.


iPhone 13 Green & Alpine Green 

As you can clearly see the difference between the non-Pro Green and the Alpine Green is very distinctive, where there is a darker contrast on the non-Pro Green color finish at the back and you will find that the Alpine Green has a higher contrast shade to the finish which was very reminiscent of an “army green” kind of color.

And the non-Pro Green has a glossy finish compared to the matte finish on the Alpine Green color.

Then looking at the sides, the Pro variant has a glossy darker green color, instead of the silver chrome color like how it was on the Silver variant of the phone as it follows the other color Pro variants like the Sierra Blue or Gold, so it still does scream premium when looking at this Pro Max variant and it has a matte dark green color finish for the side on the iPhone 13.

Now while a lot of y’all might think of the Alpine Green to be very similar to the previous generation iPhone 11 Pro’s Midnight Green, it actually isn’t as this new Alpine Green has a less grayish hue, so you will see a difference if you compare both, side to side.


Other Greens in Apple Products History

And speaking of product generations, here is a little history lesson as this is obviously not the first time that they have introduced a green-colored device as they started out by introducing the Lime-colored iMac G3 way back in the year 1998 and the iBook G3 in 2001, with a more vibrant colored green.

Then they followed up with a similar green color for the 1st generation iPod Mini, the iPod Nano, and also the iPod Shuffle as well.

2.3 green ipod mini
2.4 green ipod nano
2.5 green ipod shuffle

Then the 4th generation iPad Air also came in green and of course, the latest iMac M1 also has a green colored option.

Then going into the modern era of their smartphones, where the iPhone 11 Pro had the closest looking green colored finish, where as mentioned it was called the Midnight green and the iPhone 12 had a different and a brighter shade of green called the Mint Green.

So with that, I am very sure that you would agree with me that the green-colored versions released for this iPhone 13 lineup has to be their best yet.


iOS 15.4 (Face ID with a Mask & More)

Now, since these new iPhones already come shipped with iOS 15.4, let’s go through what is new.

Firstly, there are tons of security patches and any known bug fixes as well and better performance all around.

Then, there is now the support for the ProMotion 120Hz throughout all 3rd Party Apps as well, so you will find there will be a difference when it comes to scrolling through 3rd party apps like Instagram, Twitter and I even felt a smoother experience when it came to gaming as well.

Next, there is the Search option for Safari’s Extensions Manager, so you will be able to search for any extensions that you have installed.

Then there is now a fix on connectivity, where previously there were times where I had troubles connecting into my internet LTE network immediately after I’m out from an area where there is no signal, for example when I am in the lift or in a basement parking, and now connecting back to my data connection or going back and forth between Wi-Fi and data is super quick.

I also did notice that I actually got an additional 20 to 30 minutes of battery life with this new update, so no worries about having any battery drain issue when updating to this new software version.

Then there is the SharePlay button shortcut for apps like Apple Music, where you can easily share the content during a FaceTime Call.

There are also 37 additional emojis added, which include faces, hand gestures, and household objects as well.

And finally, the greatest iOS 15 update yet, is the Face ID with a mask, which allows you to unlock your phone with your mask on, where it recognizes unique features around your eye area to authenticate and you can even add glasses as well.

Now if you are an Apple Watch user, you might be asking, well this is a feature that is already available if you had an Apple Watch right? Well, not exactly, because now you can not only unlock your phone with this Face ID with a mask update, but it is also compatible with other apps as well, for example, when putting it auto refill and when doing Face ID authentication for apps like MAE on Maybank as well.

This feature is only available from iPhone 12 later due to the hardware and security features of these phones, so keep that in mind.


Green Accessories for iPhone 13 lineup

Then finally let’s talk about some of the cool accessories that will go along very well with these new green-colored iPhones.

Starting from the Silicone cases, there is the new Eucalyptus-colored case, which is a shade lighter than the Clover colored case, which matches perfectly with these two iPhones.

Then there is the Apple Wallet in Sequoia, which I don’t have with me or if you have it in Midnight like me, it will go very well with these phones and cases as well.

And you have an Apple Watch, like the Silicone case, there is a Eucalyptus color for the Solo Loop watch band as well.

If you are into braided Solo Loop, then the Inverness Green Color would match perfectly or if you prefer a Sports Band or the Leather Link band, you can go with the Cyprus Green for the Sports Band or the Sequoia colored one for the Leather Link Band.

Now obviously, these are all the official Apple accessories that go well with the iPhone 13’s Green and the Alpine Green but since I am no “fashion consultant”, do let me know if you have any suggestions on accessories that will fit these awesome colored phones as well.

So these new green-colored beauties will be available from tomorrow onwards here in Malaysia, so do head to your nearest Apple Authorized Store to have your very own hands-on experience, and do let me know you are planning to get yourself either of these brand new colors in the comments section below.

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