iOS 15: What do we LOVE about it? (ft. Theebaan G)

As a Mac user for 19 years, the iPhone was indeed the missing link because it really bridged the overall ecosystem that I had for years, and with the addition of the Apple Watch and the iPad Pro, I finally got to really experience the full potential of the Apple Ecosystem.

So, in this article, together with Theebaan G, who is a close friend / brother of mine, we will be talking about what’s new on iOS 15 and go through all of the latest and significant updates that iOS 15 has to offer.

#1 – FaceTime with Anyone!

First is FaceTime With ANYONE!

So for this new feature, which I was very shocked and happy with was how iOS 15 onwards can now invite non-iPhone users to FaceTime.

Now, this is super cool, because although I have switched BUT there still are some who haven’t yet….

Since the new normal are video calls, I find this feature EXTREMELY handy, where all you have to do is send a link to them and no matter the Operating System, they can easily join the video call.

And what’s sweet is that it is still end-to-end encrypted, so the calls are as private and secure as any other FaceTime call.

#2 – Shared With You

Next is Shared With You. This is a good one, very utilitarian. You don’t have to go digging for links in your chats anymore. I’m sure I am not the only one who does that all the time. Now when someone sends you a link or photos or music, it’ll show up in the corresponding app.

It works flawlessly on Photos, Safari, Apple Music and more. But this all still happens in the messages app only. I hope it’s something that will roll out to other messaging platforms as well.

#3 – Focus Mode

Next, the Focus mode. So this new Focus mode is when instead of just switching your phone to Do Not Disturb mode like every other smartphone, this feature allows you to customize each mode that you are in, such as Sleep mode, since neither of us have enough sleep.

Once activated, you can allow notifications to only certain people, for example, your Mum in case there is an emergency, and even select App notifications as well.

And you can turn on Wind Down, which syncs with your Apple Watch too, which I am loving how it just makes winding down to sleep even easier than before.

As mentioned, you can also customize other modes from scratch as well, where for example during Work mode I can add only the important people to get notifications and calls from and to block out certain apps to avoid any distractions.

[By Theebaan G]
“One of my favs actually. When they announced this feature, honestly I wasn’t really excited or anything. But after using it, OH DOES IT MAKE SO MUCH SENSE!

My line of work, I get work calls pretty much all day, and that’s something I don’t really like when I’m in the gym, and past a certain time at night.

Now instead of a blanket setting like Do Not Disturb, I have profiles on my phone for ‘Gym’ and ‘Night Time’, where only certain people would be able to get through to me.”

#4 – Privacy

Alright, other than talking about features that are not only helpful, let’s also talk about the ones which are IMPORTANT which is Privacy.

[By Theebaan G]
“Yes! I like how Apple is making things as transparent as possible. From being able to hide my IP address, the detailed privacy controls on Safari, being able to choose exactly which app gets access to what kind of data; all of these are so important today when your phone knows everything about you. It’s with you everywhere you go.

It’s your wallet, your photo album, your calendar, your mailing device, your radio, your GPS device; EVERYTHING! I’d feel safer if I got to choose who gets what.”

#5 – Spotlight Search

So the new Spotlight Search was something that was also super nice, because we all had that moment where we needed to search for something real quick, but you don’t wanna waste time opening your browser and then start typing what you wanna look for.

Because now, the new and improved spotlight allows you to search for ANYTHING by just swiping from the top at the middle of any of the home screens, where for example if I type Theebaan, it will show all the search results, including his contact, and even appointments with him.

And that works the same for example, if I wanna look for news on the best football club in the world… (ahem…)

It will show results from Siri Knowledge, Photos, News and suggested websites as well.

[By Theebaan G]
“And also before putting on the search text, you will also find Siri’s suggestions like the frequently used apps and also frequent tasks as well.”

#6 – Smarter Notifications

The new notifications menu is clean and sleek, and I love how it stacks notifications that are from the same app. For example, YouTube or Twitter, where it will ONLY show if you touch the notification bar over there, instead of having your notifications just filled up with a single app’s notification.

[By Theebaan G]
“What I ALSO really LOVE about iOS 15 is the Smarter Notifications. OH THE NOTIFICATIONS!

Honestly Apple, it’s about time. iOS 15 now has a much better notification system called Scheduled Summary where you get to decide on a specific time to receive all your non-urgent notifications. The lock screen is also a lot cleaner with notifications bundled and just simply spread in a more pleasing way.

Notifications are arranged by priority, with the most relevant notifications rising to the top, and based on a user’s interactions with apps.”

#7 – SharePlay

[By Theebaan G]
“Then finally with SharePlay, that is coming very SOON. You have the ability to share your phone screen, even while watching a movie or listening to music on a FaceTime call. It’s pretty cool, and seeing that it’s built right into the FaceTime app, you can kinda really count on it.

Funny story; I’m tech support for my elder sister whenever she has problems on her iPhone. I usually have to dictate through a phone call what to do and what not. This is going to make that entire process a lot simpler!!!

Other than that, what’s nice is that we will also be able to keep FaceTime conversations going as you watch TV programs and movies, listen to music or share your screen with SharePlay. It’s an entirely new way to have experiences with family and friends, no matter the distance.”

Alright guys, there you have it, our favorite and cool new features of the new and improved iOS 15, if you haven’t updated it yet, make sure you do because what’s cool is that this iOS 15 is available all the way back to the iPhone 6s!

There are also other features that have been announced on the new iOS 15, which may be also beneficial for you, which will be linked below for you to check out, so head to the link at the description to learn more.

Learn more about iOS 15 via link below:-

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