The ULTIMATE Super Mop & Vacuum! : MMX Aero Pro S23 Review

As you would probably know, there are hundreds of cordless vacuums that is out right now; and while it’s nice to have many options to choose from, but sometimes it can be pretty overwhelming because as a consumer, we want is something that is affordable but packed with many helpful features to solve our problems when we are cleaning.

Well, this newly released MMX Aero Pro S23 Dust Sensing Vacuum and Super Mop could be just that, as it comes with a price of only RM599, so here are 8 reasons why you should consider getting it right now!



But first, let’s go through the unboxing process and let you know what comes inside the box.

So the box comes with a quite compact medium-sized box, with the vacuum’s visual in front.

Opening the box, towards the right, there is the Super Mop head and a container to fill up the water in.

And keep in mind that the other box on the left is empty due to keeping things in the box more stable.

Underneath that, there is the instructions manual.

A mounting dock

Next, there is the interchangeable battery.

The three-pin adapter

The Dust Mite Brush

And the Crevice tool

Next, there is the Extension Rod also known as the Wind Tube.

The LED Floor Cleaner Head with the Soft Fluffy Roller.

The Soft brush

And finally, the Aero Pro S23 itself


#1 – Super Mop 

For the very first and surely a unique reason to get this vacuum is the Super Mopping capabilities.

While there are some vacuums that have mopping capabilities as well, I absolutely love how by switching to this Super Mop head, you can vacuum AND mop at the same time, hence making it a TRUE 2-in-1 vacuum.

The Spinning Mop Pads on it are very powerful, it has a high-powered dual-spin motor, and it cleans efficiently up to 7-10 cubic meters per minute, saving your time and labor as it will restore your floor’s natural shine as the rotating mop pads will do that work for you. 

And with this, makes cleaning faster to clean your daily messes. So if you happened to spill coffee on the floor? Or even milk and cereals? This Super Mop can vacuum and mop the mess up in seconds!  

2.4 mop coffee
2.5 mop cereal

If you are wondering how it’s done and whether the water will affect the vacuum’s motor, well it won’t because it has an independent dirt water tank, and the railing rattle-type water blocked design is able to directly absorb the wet rubbish.  

And on top of that, I love how it has a function to spray water to give that better cleaning during mopping as well by just stepping on the button for water spraying. Speaking of which, it comes with a 250ml clean water tank and you can put cleaning solution into it.

Once you are done this 100ml dirty water tank is removable and can be easily washed.

So yes, this is something that NO OTHER vacuums, especially within this price range have!


#2 – Strong Suction Power

Next would be the strong suction power that the vacuum has.

What really surprised me was the amount of suction power that the vacuum had, as it has 23,000Pa suction power; while it’s not the most powerful compared to the MMX 280 AB that I have reviewed previously, I didn’t mind that at all because as mentioned earlier, the smaller form factor of the motor made me appreciate that level of suction more.

As with this amount of suction power, you can easily clean any type of dirt and debris with ease, whether it’s those thick specs of dust on the corner of your floors to pet hair on your sofa and even hair all around your living room or bedroom as well.


#3 – Dust Sensing Technology

The third reason would be the Dust Sensing Technology.

Now, this technology is usually something you would find on premium vacuum cleaners that cost way much more than this vacuum, and this technology will increase the suction once it detects if the particular area has more dust and dirt.

Which overall made my cleaning process even smoother without worrying if you are in an area that has more dust and manually changing to a higher speed; however, if you would like to switch to the high speed all the way, you can also do that since it comes with the 2-speed modes of Auto as mentioned earlier and the high-speed mode as well.


#4 – LED Lights

Now speaking of sensing dirt, the LED Lights on the Floor Cleaner Head would be a crucial consideration.

All these years, I thought by having enough daylight, you would be able to see all the dust and dirt clearly, and I couldn’t be more wrong because, with these LED lights, I could see dirt that was barely even visible even on a bright light to a point where sometimes I intentionally clean my home when it’s getting dark in order to get a more thorough cleaning done.


#5 – Breathing LED Lamp

Going into the fifth reason is the very unique Breathing LED Lamp.

Now, don’t you just hate how when you are busy cleaning your floor, and then suddenly the vacuum turns off because there was no prominent indication that the vacuum is running low on battery?

Well, with the very unique Breathing LED Lamp on the top of the bin, there is a cool little breathing style lamp that will indicate the battery level to easily see what is the battery status with a quick glance:

  • if it is RED, the battery level is between 0 to 39%
  • it will turn PURPLE when it is between 40 to 74% 
  • when it is 75% percent and above the light will be BLUE

So yes, this is surely one of the most unique things about this vacuum which no other vacuum, at least in my knowledge of reviewing vacuums, ever had.


#6 – Detachable Battery

Speaking of battery, the fact that the vacuum has a detachable battery would be the sixth reason that I think you should consider as well.

So having a detachable battery means two things, first of all, you can buy an additional battery and easily swap the battery once the battery runs out instead of waiting to recharge the battery, and this reminds me of the old days of being able to do the same for smartphones, ah good times!

Second of all, I love how you can charge the battery separately without lugging the entire unit with you whenever you need to charge the vacuum, which makes charging and storing the battery a more convenient experience.

As for charging, this 2200 mAh battery will be fully charged in about 4 hours.


#7 – Multi-Purpose Cleaning

Then the following reason would be that this vacuum is very versatile to be used in many different cleaning situations.

As seen in the unboxing, there are many accessories that come inside the box, where each tool can be used for different purposes.

For instance, the Dust Mite Brush would come in super handy for situations of cleaning those hard-to-clean pet fur on your sofa, and the Crevice Tool would be perfect to go between your couch and around the corners as well.

Then Soft Brush would be great for cleaning around your TV console in between your speakers as well.


#8 – Design & Build

And last but not least, the final reason would be the vacuum’s overall design and build quality.

Now compared to many vacuums out there, I have to say that I really appreciate the very small form factor of the body’s control unit, where it is not typically bulky and surely looks very modern compared to previous vacuums that I have gotten my hands on.

Since we are in the era of going cordless, it also means that moving the vacuum around will be absolutely seamless, and with a pretty lightweight of only 1.5 kg, it makes the vacuum great from an aesthetics point of view and also from a usability perspective as well.



So with that, I hope I have helped you make a purchase decision on why you should consider getting this new MMX Aero Pro S23 Vacuum, as it is indeed a very compelling option if you want a vacuum that has excellent mopping capabilities as well.

Now, as mentioned at this moment in time, it’s going for only RM599 on Shopee, which currently has LOTS of great reviews of the product as well.

Thank you for reading, and stay CLEAN!

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