Toshiba M550 UHD 4K Android TV : POWERFUL Sound & Amazing Picture Quality! ✅

Hey guys, what does the term REGZA mean?

5 seconds for you to guess what the term means!






Time’s out!

If you guess it right, nice one!

But if you didn’t, it stands for “Real Expression Guaranteed by Amazing Architecture”! and REGZA is a unified television brand designed and fine-tuned in Japan and this REGZA engine is the iconic core processor that is found in Toshiba TVs. Yeap! Quick fun fact my friends!

Hey guys! Yes, this is my first time reviewing a Toshiba branded TV and that is because this Toshiba M550 series seems to be a very considering option within the super competitive 4K TV market, especially with its price factor and technology.

So let’s find out if it really is?



Now let’s look at the specs. Just at a glance, this premium model M550 series comes with REGZA Engine 4K, Wide Colour Gamut, which gives you the best cinematic and vibrant colors, equipped with a really good sound system, the REGZA Power Audio Pro and it is an Android TV.

The model that I have here is the 55 inch variant which comes with Toshiba’s Ultra HD 4K with the resolution of 3840 by 2160.

And with this, allowing you to enjoy crisp, clear, and immersive real vision with heart-shaking sound.

The M550 series also comes in other sizes which are 50 and 65 inches, and just so you know, whatever size you’re going for, it all has the same resolution of 3840 by 2160, so it all comes down to how big of a size of a TV that you want or need.

The M550 covers a DCI-P3 value of more than 90% which gives you a much more detailed picture quality with more depth and rich shades than other conventional TVs have ever reproduced.

Now the next thing that caught my attention was also the bezel-less design.

If you are my regular subscriber, you’d already know that I love everything that has minimalist designs. And this is it! With less bezel and more pictures, Toshiba pushes the edges to new extremes where the reduced bezel flows directly into the display giving you an enriched, immersive viewing experience.

And as seen, Toshiba wasn’t kidding when they said it was bezel-less design, as you can barely see there is any, so this elegant and minimalist TV design does adhere to Toshiba TV’s philosophy of “Essential Beauty” which perfectly fits the modern lifestyle these days.

This TV panel only has a refresh rate of 60 hertz which means it plays only 60 frames per seconds but in my personal experience, that was totally fine while yes there might be other TV’s out there with a higher refresh rate, but for the price which I will reveal later, that didn’t bother me at all and once again, I didn’t have any complaints about here.

Now speaking on the viewing experience, I do watch a lot of football, especially my beloved Liverpool matches, and also play games on my PS5 once in a while when I have a free time of course, and the REGZA Engine 4K, which is Toshiba’s high performance 4K engine, it does overall create stunning picture quality during my experience with both, where it analyses every pixel of each scene and adjusts the picture parameters to dig out the maximum potential details and reproduce stunning picture quality specifically like the football mode and game mode.

With the Ultra Essential Picture Quality technology combined with the high-quality wide color gamut LCD panel, you get incredible Ultra HD 4K images when streaming 4k content on Netflix with breath-taking picture quality as it is also HDR 10 compatible too.

And with the adaptive dimming, you will be able to see better contrast performance in the details of the image as it does enhance the overall blacks to be darker and the brighter white parts of the image even brighter.

Speaking of Netflix, what we normally look for nowadays in a smart TV, especially for me, is whether or not the TV has DOLBY Atmos.

And yes, this M550 series does come packed with the combined DOLBY Vision HDR imaging and DOLBY Atmos sound to engage with the audio-visual performance, transforming your TV into an entertainment powerhouse with detailed images and acoustics, so to achieve amazing realism that you can see, hear and feel it all!


Audio Quality

Now coming to the audio quality, where to my surprise it was QUITE LOUD even when the volume was only at 10!

The pure clear sound that came from the power bass woofer build-in at the back of the TV gave me quite an experience.

So this is very beneficial for people who don’t have a soundbar to get a better quality audio experience especially when watching movies or even playing games.

What’s sweet is that ALL variants of this series come with a maximum audio output of 25-watts Power Bass Woofer, and dual clear direct speakers of 12-watts. And this of course is supported by the REGZA Power Audio Pro system at the rear side of the TV.

Now, this honestly came to me as a surprise because although it is really slim, its Power Bass Woofer and sound output was very rich and thick, making you enjoy a really good sound in any scene no matter what you are watching.

And as a person who REALLY appreciates great sound, THIS is surely one of the biggest highlights of this M550 Series TV.

And this does amaze me quite a lot because it shows that Toshiba TV not only strives to provide natural vivid pictures on their TVs but also gives excellent and immersive audio quality all in the comfort of our homes.


Operating System

Next, let’s talk about its operating system and what runs this whole TV experience.

So, another cool and appealing factor of this M550 is the fact that this is an Android TV, which means that it runs on the Android platform where you can get more out of your TV.

You can also navigate faster through voice commands, without any complicated settings and menu where you’ll just have to press the mic button on the remote control to say anything for the TV to respond to your commands.

And if you guys are totally familiar with Chromecast, what’s nice is that it build-in in there as well, hence allowing you to cast your videos, even YouTube, photos or even music from your other devices to the TV. Nice!

3.3 chromecast - 1080p_Toshiba M550 UHD 4K Android TV POWERFUL Sound & Amazing Picture Quality!.mp400018
3.4 casting - 1080p_Toshiba M550 UHD 4K Android TV POWERFUL Sound & Amazing Picture Quality!.mp400019


In conclusion, I have to say that this Toshiba M550 series is surely a compelling option since it does indeed check the right boxes to be an all-rounder.

My biggest takeaway on this TV is the picture quality, the amazing sound quality, the overall Android TV experience, and of course the very affordable price of only RM3799 and I will leave links down below for you to get yourself one both of Shopee And Lazada as well.

Get the Toshiba M550 At The Link Below:-

Aside from that, thank you so much for reading until the end. I hope that this review helped you in making a purchase decision, and do let me know if you are planning to get this Toshiba M550 series!

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