Xiaomi’s MIUI Offers Option To Turn Off Ads In Its Smartphones

We all hate seeing advertisements especially when they get in our face. The last place you would expect to see them is on your smartphone and Xiaomi is well aware that not everyone appreciates seeing ads on their phones.

So in a step in the right direction, Xiaomi has announced that it will introduce the ability to turn off ads or “recommendations” as Xiaomi calls them within MIUI.

In the past, this process can be quite tedious as it requires users to open all native apps with ads to turn these “recommendations” off.

Now, Xiaomi is reportedly testing an “Ad Switch” which will be within the Settings and Privacy Agreement settings within MIUI.

This update is expected to take effect soon but there is no word when it will be ready. But it is safe to assume that this should be available in the coming MIUI 11 update.

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