5 Ways To Maximize Productivity On The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

Samsung has got a very unique proposition with the Galaxy Z Fold4 – It’s a phone that turns into a tablet, or is it a tablet that turns into a phone? Whichever it is to you, the Fold4 is one heck of a productivity machine, allowing you to stay productive even on the go. I’m going to be showing you 5 features that help maximize your productivity on the Z Fold4.

This phone is one of the best from Samsung right now. It’s one that many business people or productivity enthusiasts will be picking up. In fact, it’s one that helps me plan and be productive on the go. It’s like having a compact PC. Of course, this doesn’t replace one, but it comes very close to. 

So, you might be wondering how I stay productive with the Galaxy Fold4. Well, it’s a combination of using its features and complementing them with the apps I use for my work and even play.


  1. Seamlessly Transition from Cover to Main display

One of the most important features that are on the Galaxy Fold4 when it comes to being productive is the ability to switch between the screens as needed. You can literally look at an email on the smaller cover display and seamlessly switch to the larger main display if you need to get more things done at the same time. 

This feature also allows me to take a picture or video on the cover display and immediately switch to the larger display to review the picture or footage I just shot. If I need to touch it up, I can do it on Adobe’s Photoshop Express or even Samsung’s built-in photo editor. Of course, you get more control over Adobe’s app.


       2. Taskbar

The taskbar isn’t something that is unique to the Fold4 – since it comes as a standard feature on Android 12L and Android 13 – Samsung is the first to make it commercially available. It functions similarly to a taskbar in Windows and allows you to have constant access to your most important apps. 

What’s more, you can customize which apps you have in the taskbar. In fact, you can even put together app pairs in the taskbar to launch two apps in a split screen simultaneously. It also simplifies Split Screen multitasking and even floating window multitasking – which we’ll get into shortly. 


          3. Flex Mode

One of the best features on the Fold and even the Flip is flex mode. Flex mode allows you to use the phone in different modes with optimized apps, you can even use it to optimize your experience. 

The best use of flex mode is definitely when it comes to things like taking video calls. Pairing the Fold4 with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, I can simply kick the phone into flex mode and free up my hands to do some typing on the laptop or even take notes on the bottom part of the screen with the S Pen – another big productivity tool that’s available for the Fold4.

Flex mode also makes it so you can use the phone as its own tripod. Paired with the front cover display, you’ll be able to take perfect selfies and wefies without the need to have anyone left out. In fact, if you pair your Fold4 with the Galaxy Watch5 or any Galaxy Watch, you can even use the watch to preview and shoot at a distance.


            4. Split Screen & Floating Window Multitasking/Multitasking with Multiple apps

So, this is where multitasking gets super intense. Like I mentioned earlier, the Taskbar on Samsung’s Galaxy Fold4 makes it super easy to multitask. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping the app on the taskbar onto the display. 

This will launch the app, and – if there’s anything else on screen – you’ll be able to decide whether to kick it into the split screen or create a floating window. You’ll be able to use up to 4 apps simultaneously with the combination of split screen and floating window. However, for optimal multitasking, it might be better to exercise some restraint and keep to 3 at max.

The split screen view allows you have up to 3 apps open simultaneously. This is perfect if you’re doing research or going through email and need to have a notetaking app and YouTube open at the same time. I usually use this when I’m doing my scripts with Google Docs, Notion, and maybe YouTube or Chrome open for reference. 

What’s even more convenient is the ability to type and even copy and paste between any of the open apps. If I need to, I can even have my Telegram or WhatsApp open in a floating window allowing me to view and reply to my messages seamlessly without bringing down the notification shade.

               5. Supercharge with the S Pen

Of course, it should come as no surprise that the S Pen is mentioned on this list. This is Samsung’s secret to supercharging the Fold4 for productivity. In fact, the Galaxy Note series was most successful thanks to the amazing features of the S Pen.

Not only does it come with support for writing and drawing, it also brings up a list of apps or quick actions that allow you to quickly take a screenshot, make notes or even take a snip of the screen you’re on. When you’re in split screen or floating window mode, you can use the S Pen as a cursor which allows you better control, particularly when it comes to highlighting and dragging and dropping between screens. You can even quickly translate highlighted text or even do a quick google search.



Well, there’s 5 ways to maximize your productivity on the Samsung Galaxy Fold4. You may be wondering why I didn’t focus more on the S Pen; that’s simply because it doesn’t come in the box with the Fold4. You’ll have to fork out another RM200 to RM500 depending on which S Pen you buy. Other than that, the Galaxy Fold4 has the makings of a real productivity powerhouse. I’ve been using apps like Notion, Google Docs, and a few more I’ve mentioned to maximize the features.

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