Dark Mode Fans Rejoice! Instagram Joins The Pack on iOS and Android

One of the notable trend in mobile operating system updates this year is the inclusion of ‘Dark Mode’ on Android 10 and iOS 13. Now Instagram has gained the ability to go ‘dark’ when you want it to.

If you haven’t heard, ‘Dark Mode’ essentially turns the proverbial lights off in your apps, turning white backgrounds to black to make it less glaring and easier to read in low light.

Now depending on your preference, you night owls may either find this very useful for staying up later than you should or extremely annoying as you can’t read as well during the day.

Naturally, us curious techies are always trying new things and staying up to date on Instagram is critical.

If you are curious to see what ‘Dark Mode’ is like, you can easily turn it on or off within your system settings. For example, within iOS you will find the ‘Dark Mode’ settings under Display/ Brightness settings.

This will turn on a system-wide ‘dark mode’ that should make most of your apps dark and easier on the eyes.

So what do you think? Let us know what you think of ‘Dark Mode’ and whether it helps your mobile browsing experience!



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