LG SM8600 TV Announcement

LG showed off their new series of NanoCell TVs earlier this week and I got the privilege of taking a sneak peek at them so here are some first impressions

The TV that was shown is the LG SM8600 and there are multiple reasons why this is considered the best TV within its price range and LED technology.  The first being the NanoCell technology LG uses in their TVs. NanoCell, provides much better picture quality compared to the typical LED screens we are used to, but first; what exactly is NanoCell and why is it better?


NanoCell is basically an IPS screen which is not used in many of LGs line of TVs as IPS displays tend to provide a washed-out image, but with NanoCell, that all changes. NanoCell basically improves the colors by removing unwanted dull colors from the image which makes the reds and greens purer. This is all made possible by the nano-scale particles that are used to operate as a light-absorbing filter to remove the unwanted wavelength of light.

Moving away from the technical aspect, how does this translate to real-world use? This basically means that there will be smoother transitions between similar colors and skies, trees and grass look so true to life it’s scary. The wide viewing angles allow the picture to look the same no matter the direction you look at it from which is a major plus.

The SM8600 also has a 4K resolution which leads to amazing picture quality when streaming movies or TV shows. Moving on, the TV also supports 4K HFR (High Frame Rate) where this allows fast-paced action on the TV stay super smooth and this is also helped as the TV processes up to 120 frames per second which is much higher than the broadcast standard for things like football.

A few other things that impressed me were the AI Picture, which has auto upscaling from what your source file is. Then something small but super-useful, and its what LG calls AI Brightness. The TV will automatically adapt to the brightness of the surrounding which is super useful as it prevents glare when sunlight hits it. There is also the AI Sound feature that I experienced. Basically while watching the AI sound makes me feel like I am really there as the sound is balanced to fit the space it is in as it converts a typical 2.0 sounds to a wider 5.1 sound All in all, as you can tell, I am really loving this TV and this is only my first impressions.

This TV also comes with the Alpha 7 Gen 2 processor new web OS 4.5 which is hands down the best OS for TVs especially with the Magic Remote and as a smart home enthusiast, I am loving the new Home Dashboard which shows other LG Appliances and devices within there and also OCF certified devices as well.

LG also released its SM9000 Series and their new Soundbar. The SM9000 series, in short, is perfect for people who are looking to add some amazing quality to their home cinema as it provides some amazing quality, especially with its 4K HDR support. The soundbar, on the other hand, is going to be an amazing addition for people who are looking to go the extra mile and add some amazing sound quality to their current setup.

In a nutshell, I personally feel the SM8600 is the one that hits the sweet spot as it would be perfect for me to watch my weekly football matches while providing amazing quality when I am sitting down with my family to watch a movie. Big thanks to LG for inviting me out to experience this

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