THIS Samsung Smartwatch Is Awesome! ⌚ Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic | Unboxing & First Impressions

This is the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic. It is not just new and shiny, but the rotating bezels are back, baby! So, let’s find out what else makes this watch super awesome!

Now, it’s been a while since I did a smartwatch video here on this channel because, to be honest, a lot of smartwatches have been pretty much the same. So, the Smartwatch space has been very uninspiring for me. 

But then when Samsung decided to release THIS, I knew I had to check it out. But first, let’s see what comes inside the box. 



Samsung has made the box with recyclable material, which is lovely to know.

There is the name of the watch on top, an image of the watch, and of course, the Samsung logo at the bottom. 

On the side, again, we have the name of the watch. Then on the other side is the size, where in this case, it’s the 47mm version. 

1.3 47mm
1.4 back info
1.2 side

At the back, from the top, there’s a bulk of information like the specs and the disclaimers. Below that is the size of the wrist that this watch fits, which in this case is 50mm and 70mm. 

Then the recyclable logo is apparently printed with soy ink symbol, and no, do not attempt to lick on that.

Then inside, we have the actual watch itself and a couple of model and serial number stickers. 

But wait, no charging puck? Of course, they have it under the top cover. You have to pull the cardboard box part out where the top part you find the information booklet where at the bottom there is the charging puck to a USB-C connector.


Design & Build Quality

In terms of the design and build quality. This watch looks and feels classically stylish. Samsung has put in some serious thought into the detailed finish of this watch. 

As you can see, the top rim of the bezel and the size of the case and the lugs have a brushed aluminum finish. But the buttons at the side of the watch, the bottom of the case, and the top lugs are all in a shiny chrome finish. 

So yeah, basically, the parts that you touch the most, except for the buttons, are all in matte finish, which is expected to cover any fingerprints and accidental scuffs, which typically happen when you wear a watch like this.

I also like the red rim that they put around the home button, which is a nice little touch. 

Another nice touch is that they are using a Sapphire Crystal for the watch face, which is scratch-resistant and also even recessed a little bit, which means that if you have any chance of accidentally bumping the watch into something, you’ll hit the rim first, rather than the actual face itself. So, the rotating bezels act as a sort of a shield for the display. So kudos to Samsung for doing this. 

And of course, that brings me to the rotating bezel, which is so clicky yet very smooth to the touch. Now it’s like having a fidget toy at your reach at all times. It is super satisfying just to play with it, especially with the tactile feedback when rotating it. 

The strap also feels good to the touch and, more importantly, to put on the wrist. It is a super soft material that gives it more than enough flexibility. 

I also love how this classic band puts the watch on the hand like a typical regular watch, instead of how it was on the Watch5 Pro, where you needed some time to get used to putting the watch on your hand as opposed to a classic style like this. 

And of course, the main highlight is how easy it is to change the strap with a new button press mechanism, aka One-Click Watch Band. Now, it is super easy to use and change the straps, and it’s a definite win for those of you who like to always change your watch strap to fit your outfit. 

So yes, this makes it more modern, and convenient, and what is lovely is the fact that this watch band is also backward compatible.



Next, on to the display. My first thought was, Oh yes, a HUGE screen! 

I’ve always preferred a bigger watch face, and coming from the Watch5 Pro, I immediately fell in love with this display size, which is a 1.5-inch AMOLED display

The display is very vibrant and sharp, and most importantly, it’s brighter than the previous generation, at 2000 nits of max brightness. That is double the previous generation, so outdoor use is definitely no issue over here. 

One thing to note is that if I have the watch facing away from me and then turn it towards me, which takes about 0.6 seconds for the screen to brighten up more, which hopefully will be more instantaneous with future software updates. 



Now, as for navigation, navigating through the watch UI was great, as expected because Samsung uses its own One UI 5.0 built on top of Wear OS 4.0. Now, in typical Samsung fashion, it is bright, colorful, and definitely very smooth to navigate through. 

Swipe from the bottom to see all the apps installed on the watch, swipe from the left, you’ll see all the notifications.

Swiping from the right is where you can see all the active tasks. 

And since the rotating bezels are back, you can, of course, use the rotating bezels to go back and forth between the notifications or the tasks. 

Then the two buttons, the Home button, where if you press it, it will automatically go back to the main watch face or the home screen, and the other button is the Back button

There are also other specific controls that you can use for going into the settings, advanced features, and gestures. And here’s where you can do gestures like answering calls, dismissing alerts, or even calls and even quickly launching an app as well. 

Taking calls on a watch when it’s on the wrist for indoors are great. But if you’re taking the calls in a louder environment, especially outdoors, keep in mind that the speakers may not be as loud in those kinds of situations.



Next is the app. So a smartwatch is only as good as the apps that come with it or rather it supports. Now, in order for the apps to really work very well with the watch, there need to be a lot of sensors. 

So yes, there are a myriad of sensors built inside the watch, and to name a few, there is the Accelerometer, there’s the Barometer, to name a few. But of course, there are tons for you guys to really get every sensing done in the Watch6 Classic. 

There are a number of apps that utilize them, from the exercise routine to your heart rate, your stress level, and even your sleep. Samsung even has a Sleeping Coach that can also help you to sleep better, and of course, the Sleep Score as well. And of course, the sleep scoring has been really great when it comes to really knowing how much of the best sleep that I’m getting. 

Then there are other highlights like the body composition, blood pressure monitoring, and also ECG, where the body composition is where you can add your weight and height and follow the app instructions accordingly to know interesting stats about your body. 

Now currently, I’m injured, so I couldn’t test out things like the Maps’ turn-by-turn navigation, and my favorite thing of all is, of course, working out. I do miss that a lot, which is something that I usually do every single day. 

But based on how it was on the Watch5 Pro, I’m very confident that when it comes to the overall sensing and of course the tracking, this is going to be doing very well too. So yeah, stay tuned for my in-depth review coming in a few weeks when I’m good to go, hopefully either in a few weeks or maybe probably in a month. 

Then the blood pressure monitor and the ECG can be literally lifesavers, but you do need a separate blood pressure monitor to calibrate, so I didn’t get to try that out. But the ECG is also simple enough to use, where it will tell you if it detects any anomalies in your heart rhythm.

Another improvement is that you can connect the watch to a new phone without resetting the watch, which is great. So you don’t have to go through the whole setup process if you don’t want to, especially if you’re like me who constantly changes the phone, especially when it comes to reviewing, so we don’t have to go through the process from scratch. 

Speaking of pairing, if you ever wondered how it’s like to pair with other Android devices, while you can easily do that, there are features that you would not get like the “Find my phone” feature, the camera remote shutter button, then the ECG and the blood pressure features are not available since it’s also under Samsung’s Health app. 

But other than that, things like notifications and alerts are still very great when using this on other Android smartphones.



On the battery side, the watch is decent but not very great by any means. It uses a 425 mAh of battery, which is smaller than the Watch5 Pro, which comes at 590 mAh. 

And now during my initial use, I got around a day and a half worth of use without any exercise done, with still plenty of battery left. But if you’re like me who likes to use the sleep tracking feature, you might need to charge it back up the next day. But if you’re using the included charger, I found that it took me about an hour to get it fully charged.



Now when it comes to the price, this Watch6 Classic is priced at RM1,499 for the 47mm Bluetooth version or RM1,399 for the 43mm version. 

And if you’re looking for the LTE variants, it is priced at RM1,799 for the 47mm and RM1,699 for the 43mm variant.

6.4 price LTE 47mm
6.5 price LTE 43mm


So, in conclusion, what do I think of the Galaxy Watch6 Classic? 

Well, during my first impressions, it is good, pretty good even. Some may complain about the battery life, but since it fast charges and I use the watch every day to track my sleep, it is definitely not an issue for me. 

But of course, stay tuned for my full in-depth review after I use this watch further!

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