View Sonic M1 Ultra-Portable Projector

View Sonic has proudly launched the M1 Ultra-Portable Projector where it could possibly be the portable projector out right now!

This is a collaboration with Harmon Kardon, where the sound from the projector is good enough to fill an entire medium sized room!
There is even an option to turn off the projector’s lamp while playing your media files, which then converts the projector into a bluetooth speaker!

What’s also great about the projector is its Smart Stand feature. You can easily adjust the stand as it is built in to the projector and acts as a lens protector.

The Auto Keystone adjustments is also great. You don’t have to worry about the screen adjustments as it will automatically configure the alignment of the screen no matter how near you project the screen, whether on the wall or even on the ceiling.

Since the projector is portable, it has a built in battery which lasts up to 6 hours and there is even a 16GB storage to store your media files.

This portable projector also has a 30,000 hour lamp life. It has a brightness of 250 lumens and it uses an LED light source which has a Smart Eye Protection. So just in case someone stands in front and looks at the projector’s light, it will automatically turn off!

What stood out the most is how this portable projector comes with a whole array of ports. Other than the usual ports of an SD Card Reader and USB port, there is a USB C port to connect newer devices like USB C smartphones and even the new lines of Macbook Pro.

The View Sonic M1 Ultra-Portable Projector is priced at RM1349 and stay tuned for a video review the View Sonic M1 Portable Projector coming real soon on Adam Lobo TV


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