6 Reasons To Get Samsung The Frame TV 2021! 😲

In a world where TV design has gotten rather stagnant with all newly released televisions looking rather similar, Samsung, being the innovators they are, have decided to take a different approach with their new Samsung The Frame TV

Hey guys, in this article, I will give you 6 reasons why you should consider getting the Samsung The Frame TV.

#1. Unique Frame Design

Firstly, of course, the unique Frame design.

I am sure you would agree with me that design is the most important and most eye-catching part of Samsung The Frame TV

Now with The Frame, Samsung has decided to go with a more modern design where The Frame is a TV that puts design first and that is obvious as it has a very slim design at only 24.9mm  and is 46% slimmer in thickness compared to The Frame 2020.

So If you are bored of the same old rectangular TV in your living room, Samsung The Frame TV definitely has you covered, as it is designed to look like a slim picture frame, hence it has many different features such as the customizable bezels to help it blend it and match your space. 

Now, If you purchase the 55-inch, 65-inch, or 75-inch model, The Frame comes with adjustable stands so that users can place devices like soundbars beneath The Frame without it feeling out of place. 

Also, there is a Studio Stand which customers can opt for so that their TVs can be placed wherever they like. 

Samsung Studio Stand (Source: Samsung)

Wherein my case, since it’s called The Frame, it is only fitting… that I mount it on the wall, just like you would with a picture frame.

Then, The Frame comes in a few modern colors: White, Teak, and Brown. The 55-inch and 65-inch models also come in beveled type design in the colors Brick Red and White. For your info, the new Beveled Type bezel design offers an elegant 45-degree angled inner edge bezel and comes in Modern White as well as in unique Brick Red.


#2. Art mode

Next, is the Art Mode.

Since The Frame is meant to act as a picture frame of sorts, Samsung aims to make your space look more lively with the art mode.

The art mode is a setting that displays artworks, paintings, landscapes, or your own personal photos instead of a black TV screen. You can access the improved art store where there will be more than 1400 art pieces for you to choose from. 

When The Frame is turned off, the artwork you choose will be displayed and The Frame will act as well, a picture frame. There is a new notification function that will alert users if there are newly added collections in the Art Store.

And what’s really nice is the fact that these are all world-class galleries, all in a single place where you will find premium art pieces like The Albertina, Artspace, Lumas, and my personal favorite Magnum and many more over there.

#3. QLED Technology

As for reason number 3, it is the QLED Technology.

Very unique to Samsung TVs, the QLED Technology has 100% color volume  along with the Quantum Dot technology that really enriches your overall viewing experience and believe me when you see this display, you will just go wow! The Quantum Dot technology provides up to a billion shades of color which, let me tell you that, is very, very impressive!


#4. Quantum Processor 4K

Next would the brand new Quantum Processor.

The Frame is also equipped with many new and improved features when compared to the previous iteration where this 2021 variant is now equipped with a newer Quantum Processor 4K, which ensures Samsung’s usual upscaling excellence is fully on show. It also has a dual-LED which means that it comes equipped with dedicated warm and cool LED backlights which helps offer an enhanced contrast ratio. 


#5. Smart Features

In addition to that, the fifth reason is the Smart Features, where  there are other cool software features like SpaceFit Sound that are auto-optimized to fit your space.

Then there is the Multi-View, which allows us to watch up to 2 screens at the same time.

Next is Mobile Mirroring to mirror your mobile device. And finally, Tap View to simply tap to connect.

R5 Mobile mirroring - 1080p_6 Reasons To Get The Samsung Frame 2021.mp400016
R5 Tap view - 1080p_6 Reasons To Get The Samsung Frame 2021.mp400017

And since now WFH has been a norm, you can connect The Frame to your PC and act as a PC screen.


#6. Eco-Friendly Tech

As for the final reason, is the Eco-Friendliness that makes The Frame a worthy purchase.

Being a Samsung TV, the environment is definitely taken into account. The Frame comes in very eco-friendly packaging and they do not just focus on recycling, but upcycling as well. 

According to Samsung, this packaging can upcycle up to 200,000 tons of corrugated boxes each year, and they have minimized the text and graphic imagery packaging which helps to eliminate the oil-based ink that is normally used on TV boxes. This helps to further reduce the waste created. Nice one Samsung!

Along with this, they have also introduced a solar-based remote, which as the name suggests is a remote that is powered by solar energy or indoor lighting, but if there is no light to power it up, there is a Type-C charge point under the remote and to my surprise, is also made of recyclable plastic. 

Now, how does using solar energy help reduce waste? Well, by using solar energy of course, Samsung has helped reduce waste from a projected 99 million triple-A batteries over the span of 7 years.

The remote was also manufactured by upcycling plastics from recyclable bottles which includes up to 24% recycled contents



So there you have it guys, my top 6 reasons why you should get this unique and aesthetic Samsung The Frame TV, where not only it looks stunning visually but it is also packed with great tech inside of the TV.

Overall, the Samsung The Frame TV is a very impressive and very different TV when compared to what is currently on the market, but I would love to know what are your thoughts on Samsung The Frame TV? Let me know with a comment down below! 


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