THE BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK 4K Dolby Vision & Atmos TV ??? 🤔 : Hisense U7G Review

In this article, I will be reviewing the new 2021 line of TVs from Hisense, which is the Hisense U7G, so don’t miss out.


So the question some of you may have is who is Hisense and are their TVs any good? Well, in the past, I have taken a look and reviewed some amazing TVs and also their laser projectors from the company, and yes, they have been pretty amazing.

Hisense 100L5F Laser TV

Hisense B7100 4K HDR TV –

So here is a quick reminder about Hisense, just in case you haven’t heard of them.

Hisense is a brand from China and it has been the Number 1 brand in China for 17 consecutive years! They have also been the number one brand in multiple other countries and have also been the official partner for events such as the FIFA World Cup 2018, the recent UEFA EURO 2020 tournament., the official partner for PSG Football Club and also the official sponsor for the upcoming FIFA World 2022 in Qatar.

Alright, now that you know about Hisense, let’s jump into the review.


Technical Specs

Looking into the specs of the TV, the model I have here is the 55-inch U7G where there is also a 65-inch variant, where both have a 4K resolution, which is a 3840 x 2160 resolution

The main thing that really stood out to me was the bezel-less design and let me tell you, once you see this you probably will NOT want any other TV within this price range, as the TV has a near bezel-less screen which makes your entire viewing experience super immersive and the fact that it is almost all screen is amazing to me.

Then it uses a DLED panel which in simple terms is a Direct LED Panel and it is also HDR 10 certified and is also a DOLBY Vision panel.  So with this, you can binge on Dolby Vision content on Netflix, and yes, for this price range, I highly doubt you will find a panel close to this. 

The TV gets even better as it has a smooth motion rate of 120Hz. With the MEMC smooth motion and an image refresh frequency of 60Hz which makes everything you view flow really smoothly.

It also comes equipped with the Quantum Dot Technology where just in case you guys didn’t know, it is a technology that enables the display to produce more than a billion shades of color, which results in a wider range of colors thus giving more hues in the image as well.

And on top of that, it overall helps provide a better viewing experience and it has a wide color gamut to ensure everything you watch is color accurate which is something I always appreciate in TVs these days.

Speaking of a great viewing experience, I have to say as a football fan, I really loved the Sports Mode on the TV as when you activate this mode the background sound will be louder and the overall picture will be enhanced further, which will overall give you a true feeling of watching the match, since we Malaysians can’t be in stadiums at this pandemic point of time…

Other than that, Hisense has also included the ALLM also known as Auto Low Latency Mode, where after you have toggled it on, it will give you the ideal automatic settings to minimize latency that allows a smooth and almost totally lag-free experience when playing games.

This feature is a new upgrade from Hisense as this was only usually done manually for the previous generation TVs but now it turns on automatically when I plug in my PS5 gaming console.

And in addition to that, the Variable Refresh Rate also made my gaming experience really nice as there surely were no noticeable lags, stuttering, and frame tearing for a more fluid and nicer gameplay.

So yes, I have not run into any issues with the TV and have really enjoyed watching content on it. 

Now, the Hisense U7G also comes equipped with a quad-core processor that helps ensure browsing through the UI is smooth and quick.

It also comes with lots of ports available for the TV.

At the back, you’ll find one HDMI port, which can stream up to 4K 60Hz. Then next to it, you’ll find the LAN or the Ethernet port, a headphones jack, an AV Video In, and a service port.

Then at the sides, you’ll find another 3 more HDMI ports, which also can stream up to 4K 60Hz, a Digital Audio Out, and two USB ports, in which one is a USB 3.0 port and the other is a USB 2.0.

Audio Quality 

In terms of audio, I was pretty impressed with the setup. As an audiophile myself, I usually install a soundbar along with my TV.

But the U7G comes with Dolby Audio and Dolby Atmos which to my surprise was actually a pretty decent sounding set of speakers.


Operating System

Now the Hisense U7G comes with Hisense’s own custom VIDAA U5 Operating System

So what exactly is the VIDAA Operating System and how has it improved? 

Well, the VIDAA U5 OS has a newly redesigned launcher which makes the entire user experience smoother and more user-friendly. From my experience, using this new operating system compared to the previous one had some really fast load times which was really impressive and the entire aesthetic was something that I quite enjoyed. 

The entire layout of the system also seemed a lot more compact compared to the layout of previous Hisense TVs that I have used. It seems to be more compressed which to me looks nicer as it saves more room and provides more room to display the content itself which just looks better. The apps are also now bigger so it is easier to see everything and navigate to where you want to go. 

Speaking of navigation, the search bar has also received a visual overhaul. It has been designed to ensure it fits the user’s needs and I feel the best feature now is that when you search for a movie or video, the search result will be displayed as content sliders which makes it easier to browse through the search results as a whole. 

Then there is also VIDAA Voice, where you can perform voice commands to open apps like for example starting up Netflix, which can be triggered by pressing the microphone button on the remote.

Also worth mentioning that it now has some incredible load time like 13.1s to power on the first boot and only 3.08s for every other boot up and an amazing 1.2s load time when switching between apps

And speaking of which it is also really easy to go to all the apps through the shortcut button, which is available on the remote itself, such as the dedicated buttons for YouTube, YouTube Music, Prime video, browser and many more. 

So overall, besides the whole viewing experience, the user interface for Hisense brand new VIDAA U5 operating system surely is another appealing factor of the TV as well.



So in conclusion, what do I overall feel about this TV? Well for the price you pay, it is pretty damn good. 

The screen has vivid colors and an amazing resolution. The bezel-less design makes everything you watch even more immersive. The TV is also super smooth so I had no problems with consuming content and navigating around the UI is also a smooth experience as mentioned earlier. 

And with the price that you pay, this is a TV that is definitely going to give you one of the best bangs for your buck with a price of only RM3,399 for this 55-inch variant

and just RM4,599 for the 65-inch variant and I will leave a link down below for you to get yourself either one.

So guys, with this do let me know what you guys think of the Hisense U7G at the comments section below, and would you guys get it? I think you should!

Get the Hisense U7G TV at the link below:-

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