j5create: 4 best accessories to boost your WFH efficiency! 💯

So recently, I’ve done a video on upgrading your Work From Home setup, since it is the “new normal” BUT what if you already have a laptop and wondered…

“Hmmm which webcam should I get?”

“How do I connect my laptop to a bigger screen? Even 2 or 3 screens?”

“How do I charge two or more of my devices at the same time?”

Well, all of your questions will be answered in this article, as I will be showing you 4 of the best accessories from j5create, to make your Work From Home setup more efficient and fluid, so keep reading!


JVU430: Webcam

Ok, let’s start off with the most common thing these days, which is a webcam. So j5create has a very high quality 4K webcam which is the JVU430.

In the box, there is the installation guide and the webcam itself.

Firstly, while streaming on 4k is not the usual case for everyone since the majority of streaming is done by 1080p but the more the sensor’s resolution for the camera the better.

For example, a lot of people were giving me great comments on the quality of my videos, and I thank you for that, and ONE of the reasons is that all of my videos here on YouTube are shoot on a 6k resolution, and then downsampled to 4k giving you the best quality video and that is the case for this webcam as well.

It comes with an Ultra HD 4k 8 Megapixel Sensor, with a wide-angle lens, where this webcam can go EXTREMELY wide as seen over here at 94-degrees field of view with almost no distortion at the edges, and yes, there is a dedicated app to do further image adjustments other than the zooming in and zooming out of the camera too.

And this webcam is compatible with macOS, WindowsOS, ChromeOS and Linux as well.

Other than the high resolution, it is also nice that the webcam also offers up to 60 frames per second, so you will say goodbye to a lower frame rate during your video stream and because the lens has a high aperture of F2.0, it will allow more light to go through the lens, hence being able to perform way better under a low lighting conditions.

The webcam’s connection is pretty straightforward where you will just need to connect it to your computer via either an option of USB-A or USB-C, where the cable is permanently mounted on the webcam to keep that in mind and you are all set.

And what’s sweet is that it has this mini tripod thread to not only just typically clipping it on your monitor, but also to put it on a mini tripod and the webcam’s rotation are fully 360 degrees adjustable as well.

Then for those of you who might be worried about privacy, you know those who think that the world has no other work to do but to spy on you……well, the good news is that there is the privacy cover to of course to cover the lens, which I found it handy especially for protecting the lens from dust and possible scratches.

And finally, the webcam has quite a good dual high fidelity microphones too, both on the left and the right where there is an LED indicator over there as well making it once again perfect for video calls for Zoom, Facebook, Google Meet, and many more and here is quick webcam quality test.

So yes, compared to some other webcam’s which do 4k video like the Logitech BRIO, which cost SO MUCH more, this JVU430 webcam is only priced at RM499.


JCD543: 13-in-1 Docking Station

So, if you are a Macbook Pro user like me, or the Macbook Air, or even a Windows Laptop, I am sure we all can agree that more versatile ports on the laptop would be extra sweet.

While there are some dongles available, I have YET to find a proper dock that has virtually all the RIGHT ports with a really affordable price, and here is where I’d recommend for you all to check out j5create’s massive 13-in-1 JCD543 Docking Station.

So in the box, you will find the Installation guide and the docking station.

Now like the 4k webcam, you might think, duuude!! 13-in-1?? Really Adam??? Well, lemme tell how EACH port will give you great benefits.


So as mentioned, there are a total of 13 ports on this Docking station, which includes a USB-C Power In port, that supports Power Delivery up to 100 Watts, which is a pass-through Fast Charging.

Then there is an RJ45 Ethernet Port, which would be beneficial for a very stable wired connection when you are streaming live, web browsing, or just watching videos online.

Next, is a Micro SD and SD Card slot, which would be beneficial if your phone has a microSD card to transfer photos or videos, or if you are a video or a photo content creator to transfer your files to your laptop

Just next to it, there is a USB 3.1 port to charge your smartphone or tablet.

Then there are THREE USB 3.0 ports, which in case you all didn’t know, can support transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps when transferring data connecting it with thumb drives or external drives, wired peripherals like your keyboard mouse, or even a wired controller if you have one. 

Following that there is an HDMI port that can output up to 4K 30 hertz, for you to output your laptop’s screen to your TV, either to mirror or extend your displays, which is another handy tool for video calling and online video consumption.

Then there is a Display Port if you are using a PC monitor.

Next, there is another HDMI port and a VGA Port, which you can connect to a projector that has that connection, again for the similar use case for the HDMI port as mentioned earlier.

So yes, this means that you can connect up to 3 displays, but at this point of time for M1 Chipsets only one.

Then finally there is the 2-in-1 microphone to the headphones jack.

Now, what’s nice is that all of these ports can be connected with a single USB-C port, which comes together with the Dock, and I thought it was super nice that the cable is nicely stored in this little flip-out compartment where you can choose which side that the cable comes out, either on the left or on the right.

In terms of the price here in Malaysia, it is going for RM509.


JUP44100: Charging brick

So, I am going to give you guys this scenario, so you are working from home, very close to your significant other, and you both are fighting over that one little plug to get your laptop and other devices charged, which could end up in some MASSIVE fight….

Well here is where the j5create’s JUP44100 charging brick, that could ultimately save your relationship….err I mean your work from home situation.

In the box, you will find the 3-pin plug, the charging brick and a technical support guide.

Now looking at the ports available, there is a total of TWO Power Delivery chargers that can go up to a massive 100 Watts and I am talking EACH of those ports.

And these two ports could easily charge TWO laptops at the same time with up to 60 watts for laptop charging. Other than that, since Mirrorless Cameras come with USB Charging you can use it for those situations, or just charging high-end tablets like the iPad Pro.

Then there are two more Quick Charge 3.0 ports with built-in intelligent IC to identify devices to fast charge your smartphones up to 18 watts and what’s sweet is that it also automatically balances the output to ensure that the power is distributed evenly without compromising on the devices.

Speaking of compromising your devices, this charging brick has a surge, overcharging, overcurrent, and overheating protection that ensures safe charging, or of course any chance of a Yes 4G phone happening……

As for the price here in Malaysia, this j5create JUP44100 is going for RM299, which is the best affordable option compared to any other options which are available out right now.


JUCP14: USB-C Cable

Then finally, complimenting the charging brick, this particular accessory, I feel is becoming a must-buy, which is the j5create JUCP14 cable.

Okie hold up Adam Lobo, are you telling me that I “need” this particular USB C cable? Well. I am here to tell you that YES, you do!

Firstly, since this is a charging cable, so yes it is a USB 2.0 as it is not meant for data transfers and it supports up to a massive 100 Watts, being a very good combination with the charging brick.

The best feature of this cable is the built-in OLED Digital meter on the cable itself, so you won’t go guessing whether your phone or laptop are charging at the right speeds, it also has reading for the milliamps, timer, and directions as well.

Which was super handy and trust me guys, this is something that you won’t realize that you need ONLY until you have it. 

It is priced at RM169.



Alright, guys, those are my recommended Accessories for the WFH or Work From Home situation that many of us are STILL doing until this day, so with this do let me know which one of these accessories do you like the best? Do let me know in the comments section below!

And the good news is that if you guys are planning to get yourself one, not only will I leave all the links down below, but you can also enjoy 15% off if you make a purchase where I will leave all the information down below as well.

Get these accessories at the link below:-

j5create JCD543 13-in-1 Type-C Triple Display Docking Station



j5create JUP44100 100W Super Charger 4-Port PD QC3.0



j5create JUCP14 100W Fast charging Cable USB-C



j5create JVU430 USB 4K ULTRA HD Webcam


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