Lenovo Legion Slim 7i: Thin But Still Powerful! ⚡

Hey, what’s up? So, I can’t drive right now because I’m on crutches now. But staying at home all day isn’t doing me any good mentally, you know?

So, instead of me typically working at home, I’m gonna take my work outside and enjoy some fresh air. Plus, it’s a cool chance for me to try out the new Legion Slim 7i, and let’s see if this is the go-to creator companion laptop for working on the go.

So, why did I pick this specific laptop, the Legion Slim 7i? Well, it’s got a killer 99.9Wh battery. And with that, I’m even leaving the charger at home to make my bag even lighter, because I got to think of my shoulders, especially with these crutches. 

And we’ll find out later if skipping the charger was a good call or not, because even though the charger that it comes with, a slim 230W charger, is quite small for the power output, but I’m putting my trust in this laptop to see whether or not we can go through the day without it.

So, Lenovo just gave the Legion Slim 7i a fresh update. It’s got the latest or the newest Intel® 13th Gen chips and NVIDIA® RTX™ 40 Series Graphics. Now, I’ll dive into how it performs later on because I’m going to be talking about the battery situation first.

Now, to prepare myself for the video, I’ve started off with 100% battery, and I’ve been using it for quite a while, and I’m at 96% battery right now. So, we’ll see how much juice is left by the end and also share how the laptop has been treating me, so stick around.

So, I have an online meeting for a while. Thank God for modern technology, right? So, we don’t have to constantly see face-to-face to meet. So right now, I’m just chilling here, checking some email, knocking out a few reports, and doing my usual afternoon-to-evening routine. Seems like it’s a good time for me to share my first thoughts on the build quality on the laptop.

So, the build quality on this is just as amazing as the Lenovo LOQ, which I made a video on recently, so you should totally check that out after this

Lenovo LOQ review: https://youtu.be/tj6Lwg7DJqw

But unlike the LOQ, this has a CNC aluminum body where it is less than 20mm thin, but it’s still very rock-solid and it’s just over 2kg

When it comes to the ports, this thing’s got a ton, which is awesome.

Now, what’s cool is that most of the ports you see are at the back, so if you keep this on a table, it kind of keeps the sides very free for your hand to move around. So, it totally cuts down the clutter for a more tight space and environment.

Typing on this is definitely a pleasure, as always because the TrueStrike keyboard we have over here, it’s per-key RGB so you can customize the lighting however you want to. And the travel is deeply satisfying with 1.5mm key travel. Pun definitely intended.

Okay, so I just wrapped up an online meeting, and guess what? My next one got pushed back to an hour, so I’m gonna switch spots because I’m one of those awkward people who can’t stay at the same place for a while. So, let’s go! 

Anyway, here’s a quick battery update – we are at exactly 71% right now on the battery status. Now, I’ve got a video to edit because I have some adjustments to do, but I don’t like to rush into video editing because I need to be in the video editing zone or the editing zen. It takes a minute. So, to get into the editing mode or the zen mode of editing, I thought why not I just game on the laptop a little since the laptop has more than enough power for some gaming fun.

As for CPU performance, the Lenovo Legion Slim 7i comes with up to an Intel®  Core™ i9-13900H processor, so yes, my friend, an i9 processor in a laptop as thin as this. 

“Team Blue” fans will swear on the performance of this latest generation of processors as well as the efficiency that Intel manages to provide. So, not only that the processor here turbos up to 5.4GHz, but there are 6 P-cores. On the E-cores side, there are 8, which means you can get up to 14 cores! Once again, look at how thin this is!

On the GPU side, it comes with up to an NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4070, so it’s more capable for your gaming needs. 

But of course, with this much power packed in this portable chassis like this, cooling is super important because what’s the point of having a portable heater here in Malaysia, right? 

Well, you won’t have to worry much about the thermal as you can see there are plenty of ventilations on this laptop. It uses Legion’s Coldfront 5.0 with liquid metal and vapor chamber. That is techie talk to say that it cools really well where the fans pull in from the top and the bottom and then shoot out the air to the back and side so it really stays chill.

But that is on the physical side, how about the software side of things? Well, Lenovo has a unique feature called the Lenovo AI Engine+ that is not powered by one but two AI chips made by Lenovo themselves. 

These will adapt and optimize the system in real-time and also learn your usage behavior and also the applications that you use so the system can automatically serve you the best performance the more you use this laptop.

Oh yes, remember I was talking about video calls earlier? Well, in case you’re wondering, this webcam is a 1080p camera with dual microphone.

All right, it’s getting late. I still have tomorrow’s video editing to do. Time to head back because all this chocolaty drink is not so good for my stomach (if you get what I’m saying). Oh, the battery right now is at 60%.


Dinner at home… or not

So the funny thing is that I went back home and wanted to grab dinner, and then I realized there was no food at home…

So, we are back downstairs to get another cafe! 

Anyway, I’ve ordered some food and I’m gonna quickly have a bite while I do some video editing in the meantime, so I’ll report back in a while.

A good thing about this laptop is that it is tuned for creators. So, the Legion Slim 7i comes with the Nvidia Studio pre-installed drivers for productivity applications. But it’s straightforward to switch to the Nvidia GeForce drivers if you want a more gaming-focused machine. 

Now, editing on a mission is great. The speakers are surprisingly super loud, even outdoors. Now, it’s easy to hear, and even the clarity is better than a lot of other laptops out there.

The best part, though, for me at least, is the screen because it’s a 16” 3.2K 165Hz IPS display. Now, together with the G-SYNC support, that is huge for this size of a laptop. The display is also super sharp with a 3200 x 2000 pixel resolution option that I have over here, and it’s more than sufficiently bright at 430 nits

Not only that, it is 100% DCI-P3 rated, so content creators will love how color-accurate this screen is. So, whether it’s video or photo editing or just watching your favorite show on the laptop, it is a very enjoyable experience. 

However, if you’re more of a gamer than a content creator, there is a 240Hz panel option that could be more suitable for your gaming needs.

All right, it is time for me to finally head back to the studio and continue my video editing and my overall work. So, I’ll catch you guys in the studio. 


Back in studio

Okay, so I’m back in the studio. What a very hectic day, pretty tiring, especially with my current condition with medications, going from one cafe to another and all.

Quick battery report – I can see that the battery is about 24%, which is very good considering the amount of work that I did on it, like gaming, video editing, doing video calls, and whatnot, which means that the laptop definitely did last a whole day. 

But there’s one feature that I would like to test out, which is the rapid charging. I’m going to charge the laptop, so what I’m gonna do is that I’m gonna go away for about 30 minutes and see how fast the battery charges. 

Lenovo advertises a 70% battery with just 30 minutes of charge using the included 230W charger, and that is not hard to believe that it will manage to reach those levels when the battery is empty. 

But I do understand that some of you might like to pack light and would like to use just one USB-C charger to rule them all. Well, you can still charge using a USB-C charger up to 140W, which is still pretty damn impressive. 



So, there you have it, my day with the Legion Slim 7i. If you are a content creator on the go that uses Windows, this laptop will definitely serve you right. 

The performance is awesome, the battery life is impressive, and it’s built like a tank, which means that I don’t have to be worried about bringing this around everywhere!

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