Why This 4K ULED TV Is Worth The Upgrade! Hisense U7H: Unboxing & Review

So it’s almost at the end of the year, so if you are looking to upgrade your TV to the latest technology and features without breaking the bank, the Hisense U7H 55-inch 4K ULED Smart TV may be what you need! 



Now, as soon as you open the box cover, there will be two individual stands both on the left and also for the right side of the TV.

Then after you remove one of the styrofoam covers, you will find a plastic zip lock bag; in there, there are lots of additional items, such as:

The 3-pin power cord

The AUX to 3 RCA cable

The screws for the stand

Then there is the TV remote.

Finally, you will find the TV itself.


Design & Build

Now, let’s talk about the design and build quality. Well, I instantly liked this U7H because of its contemporary and minimalist look. Just check out the almost bezel-less design on the top, and also on the left and right. Then there’s a tiny little chin at the bottom with the Hisense script where the overall thinnest point is just 3.5 inches.

If you look closely at the edges, the screen seems to be floating on the back panel. Now Hisense says that this is thanks to suspension lamination technology that results in a more immersive view, and this is also done with the unique glue sealing technique, where the overall light leakage is reduced, which is a common problem of this kind of design, so it’s nice that Hisense has put in some great thought into this.

Build quality is excellent and the bottom bar and the legs are made of solid and very sturdy metal, which makes the U7H not only look premium but also feels premium too.

And I love how it has this clever design to attach the stand, where you can just insert that and then screw the stand with the included screws given, as seen in the unboxing.

2.5.1 stand insert
2.5.2 stand insert 2

Speaking of the stand, it was held down extremely sturdily towards the front of the TV. So you will be able to only add a smaller size soundbar to the setup; however, it can be wall mounted through its VESA mount if you have an existing soundbar. 

Now, on the back, the Hisense U7H uses a pure black backplane with large vents at the top, and at the middle is the audio output

On the left, there is the power input and on the right side is where you find the selection of ports and interfaces, which I will cover in the next section.

2.7 left power input
2.8 right ports

So overall, from a build quality and design’s perspective, if you are looking for a contemporary-looking TV that will look great in any living room or even a dedicated entertainment room, this is a HUGE step up compared to the previous Hisense TV’s that I have reviewed!


Hardware & Features

Now, being a TV, it’s all about the screen, and what a screen this TV has! 

The Hisense U7H uses the ULED technology, or Ultra-LED, which is a backlight partition display developed by Hisense. In essence, it combines the Quantum Dot’s high color gamut and image processing technology powered by Hisense Hi-View Engine to improve picture display quality and of course the overall color accuracy.

Also, the U7H features Full Array Local Dimming that helps to change the bottom lights to the backlights to prevent interference of different display zones. And with that, just so you all know, the more backlights, the finer and great control that the pictures will be because of its great light control, and this results in a more precise contrast with darker darks and lighter lights.

What’s great about this U7H is the fact that it is a 4K HDR display with HDR 10+ Adaptive technology and also Dolby Vision certified. It has an impressive peak brightness of 600 nits, making it perfect for even a brightly lit area like here in the studio.

Viewing angles on the TV is good, at 178 degrees, then it has Adaptive Depth, which automatically adjusts the contrast to enhance the depth of a picture and of course give you a better depth of field.

Then there is also the Eye Protection feature that helps you to ensure that you are watching at the right level of blue light emission for longer viewing no matter the lighting environment that you are in.

Next, Hisense has also given some cool advantages for you gamers out there as the U7H is a 120-Hertz panel that offers a Variable Refresh Rate, or Auto Low-Latency Mode (ALLM).

All of this is encompassed in the Game Mode Pro, which is a dedicated gaming mode. Even better is when you combine this with the Dolby Vision, it gives you life-like visuals, outstanding brightness, contrast and color. Definitely awesome for plugging in your gaming console or even your gaming PC.

Now, this is something that you just can’t explain in words as you need to definitely experience that so yes, seeing is believing indeed!

As for audio, the Hisense U7H supports Dolby Atmos; hence you will get a three-dimensional space sound around you, giving you an immersive audio experience as this is becoming a norm, especially for TVs moving forward in year 2022 and beyond.


Ports & Connectivity

In terms of ports and interfaces, the U7H is pretty generous, offering a whole host of options. Looking towards the side, there is:

  • the Headphones jack
  • the AV In
  • the Cable TV input
  • HDMI 4 ports which can support up to 4K@120Hz
  • HDMI 3 eARC port, also supporting 4K@120Hz
  • HDMI 2 and HDMI 1 that supports 4K@60Hz

Then finally at the back, there is another USB 2.0 port, a Digital Audio Out, and a LAN or Ethernet port.

So if you plan to connect your gaming console to the TV, then the HDMI 2.1 port will be the most crucial one here as it supports up to 4K@120 Hz signal input, or you can use the eARC port to plug in your Dolby Atmos soundbar if you have one.

Then connectivity-wise, it has an 802.11ac dual-band and Bluetooth built-in.

As with any TV, the U7H comes with a remote and this is no ordinary remote. Coming with minimalist backlit buttons and also comes with Bluetooth connectivity, a dedicated microphone button, and dedicated buttons for your favorite OTT channels like Netflix or even YouTube as well. And you can instantly use the voice search button on the TV by saying phrases like “Open YouTube”, “What is the weather today like?” or “What time is it?”



Then finally, the U7H runs Hisense’s VIDAA OS Smart TV platform. It is fast, very responsive, easy to use, and even more secure. You can even customize the TV’s hub in the order of your favorite apps, and here is where once again, there are lots of improvements on this VIDAA U6 Software compared to its previous generation.

And speaking of software, if you have any issues with data privacy, well the good news is that all of your login data will be private, safe, and secure, thanks to the TUV Rheinland product privacy protection certification.


Pricing & Availability

So being a brand new TV that just has been released, I will leave all the updated price of the Hisense U7H below as it is available in this 55” and also a bigger 65”as well.



And, that’s it! It is really lovely to see that the Hisense U7H clearly punches above its weight, delivering an outstanding cinematic and gaming experience especially, which again proves how well Hisense continues to push the limits of having a great quality-to-price ratio, especially with the fact that Hisense is the official sponsor for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, clearly shows the credibility of the brand as well.

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