Samsung Neo QLED QN90A 4K Smart TV: Neo QLED At Its BEST! 💯

In this article, I will be reviewing the brand new 2021 Samsung Neo QLED 4K QN90A TV.

So, in my previous review of Samsung The Frame TV, I talked about the amazing design and the overall aesthetics of the TV, since it was one of the key factors that make Samsung The Frame TV unique.

So, this time around, since the Samsung Neo QLED 4K TV has tons of technology and productivity features packed into it, I am going to dive deeper into the amazing technical aspect on why this TV is the most complete TV with many strengths compared to other TVs within this price range.

But just before that, let’s quickly talk about the overall design of the TV.



So, my first impression of the TV is how it had a very slim profile, boundless screen and minimalist look, Samsung calls it the NeoSlim Design, which is indeed very reminiscent of a piece of art that makes the TV look really nice in all viewing angles, with the Anti-Reflection coating.

Although this 65-inch panel may seem big to some, it weighs only 24.4kg without the Stand, which is pretty light, probably just like carrying a barbell. Oh, how I miss the gym…

Obviously, you can always mount the TV since the Slim Fit Wall-Mount minimizes the gap between your wall and TV and if you do prefer putting it on the stand, it comes with a center-mounted stand which to me feels kind of nice, and surely pretty solid as well.

And I have to say that I love this clean floating look of the stand because not only it looks nice but also if you have or plan to get a soundbar, this would be perfect to fit it under too.

What’s cool is that although the panel is so thin as mentioned earlier, yet it comes with 4 HDMI ports, one is a dedicated eARC port for Dolby Atmos of course, and another dedicated port for gaming, which was nice, then there is up to 2 USB ports and an Ethernet port as well.

And what I really like about this back panel here is that I DO NOT HAVE TO SPEND HOURS doing cable management as I always do because the TV has its own cable management tracks which means this will save me the trouble to hunt down cable ties and plastic pipes to cover all the hanging wires. So good job Samsung!


Display Technology

Alright, next let’s dive into the technological aspect of the TV.

Firstly, what is a Neo QLED? In a nutshell, this Neo QLED technology is a Mini LED light source that is made by Samsung’s very own Quantum Mini LED which has an incredible thick microlayer LED with 1/40th thickness of height compared to the previous models and with this, it also enables precise dimming to minimize blooming on the screen.

And with Samsung’s Quantum Matrix Technology, it gives you 100% Colour Volume with Quantum dots and accurate light control where you can then enjoy great details both in a very bright room or the darkest rooms.

Adding on to that, Samsung’s powerful Neo Quantum Processor 4K which creates the most precise and adaptive experience that you and I can ever imagine, where scene by scene, the processor optimizes to your viewing condition and it helps to improve your content, without always manually making adjustments.

And the AI Upscaling also ensures that you always get the full 4K resolution, even if you are watching content that is not natively available in 4K as well.

Then finally the Quantum HDR 32x gives you a very dynamic contrast for the vivid colors that Samsung has always been very well known for and on top of that it provides a richer and more accurate color, especially the high dynamic range and dynamic tone mapping adjusts this HDR10+ color and contrast according to each scene. Speaking of color calibration, what’s nice is that the TV is also color calibrated out of the box as well.



Now, from the display technology, lets now focus on the audio technology of this QN90A.

Firstly, it has 2 sides or 2 bottom tweeters and an additional 2 speakers on top to fire up a unique and realistic sound, which is known as the Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+), which works as a dynamic motion based on each motion on a screen.

So, for example, if there is a car passing by or an airplane passing by on the screen, it will automatically analyze the object and activate the speakers based on the picture’s motion.

During my test, I also got some really good vocal clarity when watching movies, since the dedicated tweeter and the Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) does all the enhancement of that, so gone are the days, where the background effects like explosions and music are super loud but the vocals are drowned or vice versa, which usually is the case for almost all surround speakers.

And like Samsung The Frame TV, the SpaceFit Sound automatically optimizes the sound in your space, whether or not you have the TV mounted on the wall, on the TV console, and probably if the back of the TV is a window, to ensure that you get the best sound without worrying about the placement of the TV and sound projection.

Then finally, if you feel like you want to add a Samsung Q series soundbar, the TV and soundbar will form Q-Symphony which work in tandem with your TV speakers, instead of typically muting your TV which is usually the case, as it does use the TV Speakers as additional speakers.


Experience (PC on TV & SamsungDex)

So now that we’ve got all the technological points out of the way, let me give you my overall experience using this TV daily.

Firstly, I am not a hardcore gamer, but the good news is that if you are very into gaming, other than the dedicated Game Mode, there is the Motion Xcelerator Turbo+, and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology to ensure that there is an exceptional motion enhancement up to 4K 120 Hertz, so that you can enjoy gameplay with ultra-smooth action with minimal motion blur and input lag as low as 5.8ms.

And also, the gaming experience was tear free and stutter-free with low latency HDR gaming, whether or not you are gaming on a PC or on a gaming console. With the 21:9 and 32:9 screen ratios, this Super Ultrawide GameView will optimise your gaming experience.

Since the TV runs on Samsung Tizen OS, it has lots of productivity or work from home features which really was beneficial to me, such as:

PC on TV
To mirror or extend your PC or your laptop’s screen on the TV.

Samsung DeX
If you are using a Samsung smartphone, you can easily get Samsung DeX to work wirelessly on the TV, which literally turns the TV into a desktop PC.

Tap View
There is also video call mirroring as well through the Tap View, to mirror your smartphone’s video call on the screen itself by simply tapping your phone on the TV to activate that and what’s nice is that you can mirror your phone’s screen and still watch TV at the same time!

Google Duo App
Then there is also a dedicated Google Duo App to easily make video calls on the TV itself if you have a USB Webcam, which is really nice!

Samsung SmartThings
And if you are already within the ecosystem of Samsung devices, especially smart home devices, you can control other devices through Samsung’s SmartThings dashboard as well to perform voice commands easily.



Now, in conclusion, my personal take on this Samsung QN90A NEO QLED TV is the fact that it is surely worth the money if you are looking for a TV that has all the right technology to be a TV that can really last for years to come.

From its mini-LED backlight technology and all the other amazing technology mentioned earlier, it did a good job on increasing perceived contrast and bringing out the amazing picture quality of the panel.

I think it’s a great TV for watching movies and sports whether or not it’s in a dark or a bright room due to its high peak brightness and its great local dimming features.

And finally, as a work from home kind of person, I did find this TV extremely useful to not only enjoy this TV as an entertainment medium but also as my work productivity situation as well.

As for its price here in Malaysia, the QN90A Neo QLED 4K SMART TV is currently retailing at RM13,999 for the 65-inch variant and you can get it from all electrical stores right now.

So, there you have it, my review on the Samsung QN90A NEO QLED TV, and with this, do let me know if you would consider getting yourself one? Let me know at the comment section down below.

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