Samsung to Merge Galaxy Note and S-Series?

Year after year, like clockwork, Samsung has released its Galaxy S-series at the beginning of the year and the Galaxy Note in the third quarter. But that may soon all change come next year according to leaker Evan Blass on Twitter.

Merging two flagship devices into one is unheard of in this day and age but if Samsung does follow through it would be a very momentous move. Each has its own unique characteristics, the S-series focusing more on its camera and design while the Galaxy Note boasts new S Pen features and powerful processors.

If Evan Blass’ sources are right, this could be the formation of a new flagship called “Galaxy One”. Frankly, the naming convention sounds about right considering that Samsung has run both the S-series and Note series up to the number “10”.

Unlike Apple, and their iPhone 11, Samsung appears to want to hit the reset button and bring things together again.

Will this gamble pay off for Samsung? We will have to wait and see.

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