Yes 5G Offers 40% off NVIDIA GeForce Now Subscription

Yes 5G is officially collaborating with NVIDIA on their cloud gaming service, GeForce NOW. In Malaysia, it’s named GeForce NOW Powered by Yes 5G and is available nationwide for all Malaysians to access and subscribe.

If you are unfamiliar with GeForce Now, it’s essentially a cloud computing service where all the computing and processing for gaming is done on Nvidia’s servers and streamed directly to your device of choice. This means that you don’t need a powerful computer to process all the heavy gaming workload, and it works for a myriad of devices such as non-gaming laptops, smart TV’s, Macs or even your mobile phone.  There are minimum requirements for the devices you would like to use along with the internet connection speed needed, which you can check out here for more details. Latency is usually the tradeoff for this along with less flexibility on your graphic settings. However, Yes 5G is confident that their network will provide low latency gaming for everyone to enjoy.

Five features of GeForce now mentioned during the event are Hyper realistic graphics with RTX On, 1080p resolution, 60 Frames per second, access to free games and 6 hours of non-stop gaming per session. It is important to note that you do need to own the games that you are planning to play on your platform of choice, be it on Steam, Ubisoft or Epic Games Store. For a full list of playable games, you can head off to for titles that are supported.

It’s now available for as low as RM30 per month for Yes 5G customers and RM50 per month for non-Yes 5G customers. A yearly subscription will give a better value overall for both types of customers, at RM300 for Yes 5G users, and RM500 for non-Yes 5G users.

For those interested to have an on-hand experience with the service, a roadshow is happening now at in the heart of KL. Full details below:

Date: 10th June 2023 – 11th June 2023

Time: 10:00 – 22:00

Venue: Starhill Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur @Entrance Foyer, Ground Floor.

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