Another Leaked Image of Google’s Pixel 4

The hype is really building up for Google’s Pixel 4 as teaser images revealed of the phone’s rear showed a quad camera array arranged in a square formation up on the top left corner of the phone.

As luck would have it, an eagle-eyed Pixel fan, Luis Brian, caught sight of what could be the Pixel 4 being used during a typical commute on the London Underground.

Given the fact that most phones tend to look the same these days, it would be safe to assume that whoever was using the phone thought that a protective case would help mask its identity. But of course, as there aren’t many phones at the moment that sport a square camera array on the left corner, this was a dead giveaway.

With so much talk about the rear end of the phone what about the front? Well, another leak source hints that the Pixel 4 will ditch the notch for a nearly all-screen display. We say nearly because there is still a “chin” on the top of the phone to house the earpiece and dual front facing cameras.

Source: Luis Brian via 9to5Google

Source: Slashleaks

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