DJI To Release An App That Identifies Unidentified Drones

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Drones are everywhere these days and you can never be too careful these days if one is spying on you. Understanding these concerns, DJI is going to release a special app in 2020 that identifies drones that are flying near you within a one-kilometer radius.

The push for such remote identification technology is largely driven by concerns that drone flights require oversight and need to be traceable least they be used for spying or nefarious deeds such as flying near airports can cause disruptions such as the case in London’s Gatwick Airport between 19 – 21 December 2018.

DJI, which has a 70% market share in the drones market, is said to have demonstrated the app at a United Nations aviation agency conference. The company’s vice president of policy and legal affairs Brendan Schulman said, “We’ve created a remote identification solution that works with what people already have.”

That is not to say that this technology is new altogether as such remote identification technology is already available and available for purchase. Such solutions are however aimed towards airports and law enforcement agencies rather than private individuals.

The move by DJI is no doubt aimed at averting crackdown on the usage of unmanned aircrafts like drones at a time when demand is growing.

According to research firm IDC, global spending of drones is likely to reach US$12.3 billion in 2019 which is up from US$9 billion a year earlier.

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