New CMF Buds And CMF Neckband Pro With ANC Coming From CMF by Nothing

CMF by Nothing, a new tech brand focused on design and accessibility, has announced the launch of two new audio products: the CMF Buds and the CMF Neckband Pro. Both products will be available starting 5th March, as part of the “Nothing Event: Fresh Eyes,” which will be held at 7:30 PM MYT.

CMF Buds and CMF Neckband Pro coming soon

The CMF Neckband Pro is the highlight of the announcement, boasting the title of the first 50 dB Hybrid ANC device in its category. This means it should offer superior noise cancellation compared to other neckband earphones on the market. CMF by Nothing is launching the product in India, with plans to expand to “additional markets” in the future.

CMF confidently touts the CMF Buds as packing “best-in-class ANC,” promising impressive noise cancellation. However, India won’t see them at launch, with sales reserved for retailers in other markets.

While the announcement doesn’t reveal much about the other features and specifications of the two products, it does pique the interest of audiophiles and tech enthusiasts alike. The promise of best-in-class ANC at an accessible price point is certainly intriguing.

For more information about the CMF Buds and CMF Neckband Pro, you can head to the CMF by Nothing Instagram page or tune into the launch event live on 5th March via the “Nothing Event: Fresh Eyes” page. The event will also see the launch of the upcoming Nothing Phone (2a) as well.

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