Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Rumoured to Feature ToF Sensor

August can’t come soon enough because we are still excited about every bit of news and rumour surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

If rumours are true, the new Galaxy Note 10 may include an interesting new addition to its arsenal of features in its camera. That feature would be a Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor that is used for sensing motion and assists in depth recognition.

Part of this information also comes from Korean reports that Samsung plans to incorporate a ToF sensor into the Galaxy Note 10 due to a South Korean specialist in smartphone cameras called Kolen has invested US$21.6 million on a new plant in Vietnam to meet the increased demand for lenses.

The new plant could potentially allow the company to produce some 25 million camera lenses in a month. A Kolen spokesperson adds that the company’s plans to produce lenses in this new plant are mainly to expand the application of ToF lenses for Samsung’s smartphones.

So what can Galaxy Note 10 users expect from the implementation of this ToF Sensor? Well, since the sensor is supposed to allow the camera to detect motion, it theoretically should remove artefacts.

Again, all this is just rumours for the moment, but let’s cross our fingers that this will make its way on to the Galaxy Note 10.

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