Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro: Sleep tracking and Workout Review

The all-new Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro isn’t just a great-looking smartwatch but also a technological marvel that’s bound to enhance one’s life (and lifestyle!). There is plenty to love about Samsung’s flagship smartwatch, but I pick two standout features that impact me the most: advanced sleep tracking and workout features.

As a content creator, late nights and inadequate sleep have been part and parcel of my life for a while now. While I am aware that getting sufficient sleep (and good quality sleep at that) is super important, it really is easier said than done! Not going to lie; I love my shuteye. Just making up the hours isn’t enough, though. It’s essential to get good quality sleep, and that means all stages of sleep, which includes deep sleep when the body releases growth hormones, repairs and builds muscle, bone, and tissue, as well as immune system functioning. It’s also the sleep cycle where it enables proper brain function and memory.



Ever woke up from sleep and then realized you’re still tired as ever? Well, there you go. But how would you know? Without an instrument to collect data and make sense of that data, we would have no idea how much or how good a sleep we’d had the night before.


This is where the Galaxy Watch5 Pro comes in. And I must say, having tried it out for two weeks, it’s as impressive as it is insightful. The watch offers advanced sleep monitoring, which comes complete with a detailed analysis of your sleep activity. The best thing is, all you need to do is wear the watch when you go to bed. There’s nothing else you need to do as it is automatic.

When you’re in bed (and hopefully catching those z’s), the watch tracks how much time you spend in various sleep stages: when you were awake, how much you slept in total, and even if you were snoring! Yes, the Watch5 Pro can also detect snoring activity and monitor your blood oxygen levels during sleep. 


So, all this collected and tracked data can be accessed from the watch itself or the Samsung Health app. Based on your sleep activity, the watch gives you a sleep score that’s calculated based on total sleep time, sleep cycles, movements and awakenings during sleep, REM sleep, and more.

To push things even further, Watch5 Pro also offers sleep coaching! This intriguing feature can be activated via the Samsung Health app on your phone. It analyses your sleep patterns for a week and then builds a personalized 4-week coaching plan. It’s a lot like having a personal trainer at the gym, but this one helps you sleep better. HAHA. So, this sleeping coach provides you with valuable tips and guidance to improve your sleeping habits.

Next up is Automatic Workout Detection, one of the many fitness features the Galaxy Watch5 Pro offers. And trust me, this watch offers A LOT of health and fitness features.

The great thing about having things automatic is that we can wear and forget, and yet your activity is tracked. Like automatic sleep tracking, Automatic Workout Detection works by intelligently activating as long as you have the watch on your wrist. The only caveat is that the activity must last for at least 10 minutes before AWD kicks in to prompt you. 


For instance, I was talking about a 15-minute walk around the mall, and sure enough, after 10 minutes, the watch prompted me, “Are you walking?” 


This feature can be toggled on/off on your watch. Simply navigate to Samsung Health and get into Settings. You can customize the activities you want the watch to detect. This includes walking/running, cycling, elliptical training, rowing machine, dynamic workout, and swimming. And by the way, the Watch5 Pro can track over 90 different exercises, including those that support automatic workout detection.

Thanks to its lightweight but tough titanium housing and Sapphire Crystal glass, the Watch5 Pro is incredibly durable and perfect if you’re the active type. It’s also 5ATM swimproof and is IP68 dust-proof and water-resistant. With the Watch5 Pro having the largest battery ever in a Galaxy Watch, you can expect up to 3 days of use before needing to plug in.

So that’s my workout and sleeping tracking review on the Galaxy Watch5 Pro; stay tuned for my full review of the device coming soon!

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