Samsung Makes Bid for Smartwatch Domination With Galaxy Watch Active 2

Watch out Apple Watch and Google Wear OS! Don’t count Samsung out in the smartwatch wars because here comes the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Yes, it may only be a few months after the launch of the Galaxy Active Watch back in February but the quick turn around time has seen some substantial gains for Samsung as it has introduced a touch bezel for swiping and navigating the screen and menus.

Not only that but the onboard Tizen operating system seems to have some overall improvements that make it easier to use.

Just like any self-respecting fitness orientated smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 boasts an improved accelerometer and heart rate tracker for more accurate readings to help determine your fitness level. There is even an ECG function like that found on the Apple Watch Series 4. This can be used to monitor your heart rate speed and report of any anomalies.

If you are curious how the Galaxy Watch Active 2 fits on your wrist, Samsung is selling a 44mm model with a 1.4-inch display and another 40mm model with a 1.2-inch display. There is even an LTE model so you can stay connected with the watch without having to pair it with your smartphone.

While it may sound odd, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 now has the ability to act as a tiny screen for watching YouTube while on the go or catch up on the latest tweets. Though it sounds highly impractical, at least these features are on hand for those who demand it.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 comes in a choice of either aluminium casing with a rubber strap or stainless steel casing with a leather strap. In terms of colours, it will come in silver, black or gold.


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