Samsung QLED 8K TV Hands On

March this year, I had the opportunity to attend the official launch of the QLED 8K TV (also featuring a whole array of their upcoming smart home appliances for 2019) at the Samsung SEA forum in Singapore. Fast forward, I finally got the chance to get up close and personal to be immersed with the technology and to test out all the features for the QLED 8K TV. These are the main takeaways from the experience.

AI Upscaling

All hail Samsung’s Quantum Processor 8K Chipset! It doesn’t matter if your current content is in Standard Definition or 4K Resolution, this chipset will bring out the extra details of picture information down to its tiny little detail! It also up-scales the content you’re watching to its highest resolution. This makes it a “seeing is believing”experience where everything looks so real it’s almost like magic!

Below are some examples where the TV screen is a 4K (left) and 8K (right).


True 8K TV Screen

While watching in 8K content is not always applicable since platforms like YouTube, Netflix and Apple TV only go up to 4K Resolution; however, the new QLED 8K TV gives a future proof media consumption TV which can play content at its highest resolution of 7680 x 4320. Below are some picture examples that I’ve taken but it just can’t translate to how much details and precision you see in real life.

Blending with Your Home

The spanking new 8K QLED TV goes beyond its technology – it’s also aesthetically designed to go with any kind of home design. If your current wall has a nice industrial finishing, the Magic Screen feature gives you the option to blend the TV with your home background when it’s being turned off using the Smartthings App on your phone. It also gives you options for the placement of the TV with its One Invisible Connection which connects all your peripherals (including power cables) to a single thin wire which blends well to your wall, giving it a very clean and tidy look. Say goodbye to traditional wires dangling down from your TV to the console! Speaking of a cleaner look, the no gap wall mount turns the TV into almost like a picture frame with the TV wall mount flushed seamlessly to the wall. (it’s usually sold separately but now it’s included with your purchase).

Gaming with the 8K

As mentioned, the 8K content is not easily available as barely anyone shoots in it, except for someone like MKBHD of course! The same can be said for game developers, as currently there are only games available in 4K Resolution for consoles like the Microsoft Xbox and PS4 Pro. The Free Sync and Dynamic Black Enhancer not only gives you a better refresh rate, but playing games like X box’s Tomb Raider gives you amazing details on the black parts of the game without overexposing the highlights during gameplay. Testing games like Spiderman and God Of War on the PS4 Pro felt like it was a movie with the amazing Dynamic Range of HDR10+. Coupled with the Samsung latest Q90R soundbar, you will never want to leave your game at all.

Video Platform Optimisation & Surround Sound Experience

The new QLED 8K TV comes shipped with video streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix and even Apple TV (the first compared to other manufacturers). The TV has a dedicated Netflix button on the remote; it is also officially certified by Netflix as a well-optimized TV for consuming Netflix’s content as it automatically detects your soundbar to give the immersive Dolby Atmos surround experience with its superb Harmon Kardon Speakers. Speaking of surround sounds, I even got the chance to have a closer look at the component of the Acoustic Beam technology which I have reviewed in my N650 Soundbar unbox, review and test.


The Samsung QLED 8K Q900R & Q90R together with the 4K Q75 & Q60 are available in major electronic stores right now and I would highly encourage you to head to any of the stores to experience the TVs and soundbars first hand!

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