This Is Why Dyson SUCKS….💨

If you have a pet ( in the house like me, you will understand the need to deal with pet fur on a regular basis by vacuuming with something like this – the Dyson V12 Detect Slim Total Clean cordless vacuum cleaner. But there is more than meets the eye when it comes to pets and pet fur. And this is why Dyson sucks… very well, that is!


Pet Hair, Pet Dander & Other Unseen Particles

You see, however obsessed you are at sucking up all the hair and dust that you can see, there are things that you just CAN’T see – like pet dander and other particles as well.

Every day, your pet drops hair and particles around your house, some as small as allergens that are totally invisible to our eyes; and these include pet hair and also pet dander.

As you would know, pet hair is something that you can see but what you cannot see is the dirt and other particles that cling to it, which is dirt from outdoors that can cling to your pet hair and potentially spread bacteria when it drops around your home, and on top of that, these pet hair and pet paws can also pick up pollen that can also spread indoors.

Another major issue is pet dander as mentioned earlier, where it is an allergen made of dried skin cells and they can actually float in the air and settle on furniture and beddings; and Dyson survey has reported that the dirtiest areas around the home are pet baskets, sofas, and mattresses, which are indeed obvious and very true.

And with pet dander also comes dust mites. Invisible to the human eye, dust mites are common and also live and survive in humid and dark conditions on your bed and sofa. And did you know that 7 out of 10 Malaysians do not vacuum their mattresses? 

Cleaning your mattresses should not be something that you should overlook because that is the hotbed for dust mites, as we do leave behind traces of skin cells for them to thrive on.

Now, you may think that using steam to clean your sofa or your floor is totally effective. Now, while yes, high temperatures may help to kill mites but dead bodies can still be left behind and cause allergies. And that is why it’s a better idea to vacuum them instead.


Dyson Technology

So, how does Dyson come into this situation then?

Well, Dyson being Dyson, is OBSESSED with dust and particles. So their microbiologists study how dirt, pet dander, and other particles can spread by pet hair and then help to find ways to capture and also contain them.

Then these same Dyson brilliant engineers create amazing tools to help you manage the dust and dander in your home.

With incredibly engineered tools like this Dyson V12 Detect Slim Total Clean which is perfect when it comes to pets! Firstly, because there is a laser integrated into the vacuum cleaner’s head to detect hidden dust and particles.

As it can “see” the hidden particles on the floor, where with the acoustic piezo sensor, particles are sized up and counted up to 15,000 times per second!

Then this information is then displayed on the built-in LCD screen on the vacuum itself, so you can see how much dust has been removed and the different particle sizes, which is perfect for OCDs like me, and those who want to get the assurance of a really deep clean. How cool is that?

Another reason why the vacuum is perfect for pets is filtration because nothing ever escapes this “sucker” as it features a 5-Stage Advanced Filtration System that captures 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns and then pushes out clean air back into your home.

Also, the whole machine sealing ensures nothing leaks back into your home as well.

Another important reason and one that I also really appreciate is the Anti-Tangle technology of the new Hair Screw Tool, where this anti-tangle conical brush spirals hair off and into the bin. This helps prevent pet hair and also human hair from wrapping around the brush bar because there’s nothing more annoying than having to stop your cleaning routine to detangle the hair stuck in the brush.

So yes, when it comes to managing pets and pet hair, there’s definitely more than meets the eye, and it is extremely important to use the right tools and technology to manage pet hair, pet dander, dust, and particles, and that is where Dyson really comes in handy!


And that’s it! I hope you found this useful, and if you have any questions or comments about the Dyson V12 Detect Slim Total Clean and how I manage pet hair at home, do drop your comments down at my YouTube video, I also did a video review on this particular product which you can check it out.

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