DirectD offers refund should Google Apps stop working on Huawei devices

If you have been on the fence about getting a Huawei device due to the uncertainty if Google services would cease to function, a new offer by smartphone retailer DirectD should set your mind at ease.

According to DirectD’s Facebook Page, the store will offer a 100% full refund for any purchase of Huawei smartphone or tablets should Google PlayStore or Google Apps (Google Maps, Gmail or YouTube) stop working on the device during the warranty period of the device. Of course, there are terms and conditions to this refund offer, i.e. devices must be purchased from DirectD from June 24 onwards and this does not retroactively affect devices purchased before the date.

DirectD’s refund offer comes on the back of a retailer in the Philippines offering a similar deal to put its customers at ease. It is possible that DirectD took a leaf from the playbook of retailers in the Philippines.

Though not entirely original, it does at least put the customer’s interest front and centre and should encourage those who have been holding back to go out and buy their next Huawei device without any worries.

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