DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Kills Shaky Smartphone Videos

DJI has released the Osmo Mobile 3, its latest stabilisation gimbal for smartphones that turns your shaky videos into footage worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster.

The third generation of the Osmo Mobile boasts a few significant upgrades that would definitely perk the interest of anyone who has the Osmo Mobile 2. For one, it is more portable now with the ability to literally fold in half. With no locks whatsoever, the gimbal’s arm can be folded to make instantly more postable. It is also only 405g light making it the lightest gimbal in DJI’s line up.

Another big upgrade is that it is extremely easy to set up and balance your phone, as only the roll axis needs to be adjusted by sliding the phone left to right.

Physically, the Osmo Mobile 3 has the same buttons as the previous iterations with a trigger on the grip. But where it has changed physically is the bottom port of your phone is no longer covered, leaving you free to charge the phone via the Osmo Mobile 3’s USB port or adding an external microphone.

But where it gets super fancy is its ability to instantly switch between landscape and portrait mode with a double click of the ‘M’ button. No more unmounting your phone, adjusting the orientation manually any more. It just works.

A lot of other improvements come from in the form of the DJI Mimo app. Once paired with your smartphone you can take advantage of DJI’s computer vision-tracking software, Active Track 3.0 making it easier to record footage of yourself solo.

There are also other creative shooting modes like the horizon tilting ‘Fashion Mode’ and time-bending Hyperlapse mode.

The Osmo Mobile 3 is currently available in Malaysia via local retailer KLDSLR for RM550 (for an imported unit) though at the time of writing the gimbal has not been brought it officially by DJI.

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