Huawei Mate 30 Pro May Not Come With Android


Trouble is in the air as Huawei’s latest smartphone is hit with the realisation that it won’t be able to ship with Android out of the box.

The latest blow by the US blacklisting of the Chinese telecommunication giant will definitely affect the sales of its new smartphone. Given that Huawei admitted it doesn’t have a contingency plan in place to replace Android, one wonders what they will do next.

Apart from that leaks of the upcoming Huawei Mate 30 Pro point to it featuring a quad-camera setup framed by a round black circle.

SlashLeaks broke the news and though it remains to be seen if this leak is actually legit, we can all admire or criticise the design.

Huawei is no stranger to changing up the design of their smartphones. Last year’s Mate 20 series had a square-shaped triple camera array. That look has cemented itself as a signature of the Mate 20 series and it looks like Huawei intends to do the same with the Mate 30’s circular camera array.

Apart from that, we suspect that the new Mate 30 will still carry the infamous notch thus bucking the recent trend of punch hole cameras.

It is also safe to say that the Mate 30 Pro will be Huawei’s first device to use the brand’s upcoming Kirin 990 chipset as it traditionally has debuted in the past year.

So what are the features and design of the Mate 30 Pro that you are looking forward to? Let us know.


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