Google Removes 85 Evil Malware Infested Apps From The PlayStore On The Advice of Trend Micro

Everyone, you can rest easier now knowing that Google has removed some downright dastardly apps that would have caused you to have a really bad day.

All 85 of those adware-infested apps were caught by Google and removed instantly. Antivirus company Trend Micro raised the flag on the apps in questions, pointing out that this particular adware contains unique techniques that allow it to avoid detection. In doing so they show users (gasp) unskippable and difficult to close advertisements.

Like a careful thief that successfully infiltrates your home, these apps are said to check to make sure the coast is clear of any security sweeps and wreck havoc on your phone.

Unfortunately, these apps have been downloaded a total of 8 million times but at the very least if you have kept your Android device up to date you should be safe.

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