Learn how a Samsung Galaxy S8 Saved The Lives of 20 People in the Philippines

Disaster always strikes when you least expect it, so it pays to stay prepared for anything. On July 8, a boat carrying 16 foreign divers and four Filipino nationals ran into trouble while island hopping as the boat capsized, leaving them stranded. Fortunately, Canadian national Jim Emdee used his Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone to call for help.

Despite the phone being submerged in water when the boat tipped over, Emdee and his fellow passengers managed to provide rescuers with their location using the phone’s GPS function.

Following his harrowing experience, Emdee reached out to extend his thanks to the Samsung engineering team, saying, “I really hope my thanks can make it to the engineering team as honestly it really saved us all. Only my S8 was able to connect and it worked all the way until we made it to land. It stayed alive for much longer than I thought possible, and it really made the difference.”

Samsung advises users to keep the GPS locator on their Galaxy smartphones turned on while travelling, especially if travelling alone or in remote areas. Galaxy smartphones also allow users to send SOS messages to designated emergency contacts by enabling the ‘Send SOS messages’ feature (Settings → Advanced features → Send SOS message). With this feature turned on, users can tap the power button three times quickly to send out an SOS message to up to four emergency contacts.

For more detailed instructions on how to set your Samsung smartphone to send an SOS message in the event you are in trouble, go to Samsung’s website.

Do however take note that even though the Galaxy S8 is certified as water-resistant, Samsung said that it is only resistant in freshwater up to 1.5m deep for up to 30 minutes. It is not recommended for beach or pool use.

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