NANI?! Powerful Cordless Vacuum Mop Under RM400?! | Tenka Ryohin Kyoku K5 Review

Buying a vacuum can be very challenging, with vacuums ranging from dirt cheap… to freaking expensive! However, skimping on a vacuum can leave you with more headaches than you started with. And also, there are many new vacuums with not only vacuums, but also mops at the same time, and some can even see the future. *just kidding*

Well, for the first time in this channel, I got my hands on the new Tenka Ryohin Kyoku K5 here for a review, so we’ll see whether or not it cleans well and how does this compare to other vacuums out right now.



Now I have to say that hands down the packaging for this one is one of the best that I have seen, especially within this price range, where it comes with a very sleek black-colored box.

Opening the box, other than the manual, Tenka Ryohin has included many accessories in there, like the wall plug and the screws for the vacuum mount.

1.2.1 manuals
1.2.2 screws

Then there is the Motorized Dust Mite

The Crevice Tool

Next, there is the Accessory Bracket & Wall Mount, together with the 3-Pin Plug Charger Adapter

Then there is the Extension Rod

The Removable Battery 

The Combination Tool With Sash Nozzle

Then there is the Soft Roller Brush, together with the magnetic Water Tank Mop, that connects with the head magnetically, so that was very nice

And finally the vacuum itself


Design & Build

The Tenka Ryohin Kyoku K5 Cordless Vacuum has a rather compact and sleek design overall, and that didn’t come as a surprise as the box itself was quite nicely packed in a smaller form factor, as seen in the unboxing.

The vacuum itself is very sleek and has a matte black finish, which does not attract any fingerprints. And once again, this is one of the best that I’ve seen, which was nice to know, to keep the vacuum looking physically clean at all times as well.

Tenka Ryohin has chosen to accent the vacuum with a metallic orange color, and even though I am not usually a fan of this kind of bright colors on appliances, but there was something about this particular model or this way that it has been designed, which made me feel very attracted to it.

You’ll find these accents on most of the parts that you interact with and also on the top where the hot air comes out. And there is a hint of red on the mopping attachment.

Now, the vacuum feels pretty well built, but at the same time it’s not too heavy to use. The locking mechanism on the vacuum itself gives a sense of security and sturdiness when you put the tips and extensions on with the nice confirmation click when it’s put on. 

It also feels very ergonomic with the lightweight bearing down at only 1.78kg, something which is pretty common in other similarly-priced vacuums.

The filtration mechanism is also centered in the dust collection unit, where it is easy to detach and clean without removing the extension rod, which was nice.

Speaking of which, the dust collection unit is easy to remove very seamlessly, and you won’t have to wrestle very much, thanks to the easy release button down below for you to remove the dust collection unit. 

It also has a touch-enabled LED Screen on top where you’ll see the details when you’re using this particular K5 model.



The Tenka Ryohin Kyoku K5 vacuum uses the Ensui multi-cone filtration system, which picks up and filters dust particles as you use it. This technology creates a powerful vacuum, and the vortex created has less friction, which helps increase the vacuum’s suction power. 

However, it does reduce pressure on the HEPA filter, hence it allows it to filter better and also last longer as well, as this means that you’re not replacing the filters all the time. And the multi-cone filtration also separates the dust particles where it has up to 99.97% filtration rate on this Kyoku K5.

The system creates a maximum suction of about 22kPa (kilopascals), which should be enough for most household dust. You’ll be able to change the suction power with the interactive display on top or you can allow the vacuum to do it for you intelligently. The K5 also comes with the dust detection auto-speed as mentioned earlier, which adjusts the suction power based on the type of dirt and dust detected.

Then the K5 has three suction levels: the Eco Mode, the Turbo Mode, and the Turbo+ Mode, which can be manually selected on the touchscreen LED Display.



Now, with all the technical stuff out of the way, the important question is – how well does this perform when it comes to cleaning?

Well, the short answer is – it just simply works! The Tenka Ryohin comes with many same specifications that we have seen in similarly priced vacuums and perhaps even more, as it has the upper hand for a better filtration system. It does the job when it comes to cleaning, and it’s also very versatile, thanks to the multiple attachments that come inside of the box.

So whether or not you are vacuuming blinds, curtain, or even speakers, the slim crevice tool also helps you to get in-between spaces, making sure everything is dust-free. So rest assured that you are looking at an all-in-one cleaning package system.

Another win for the vacuum is the lower noise creation when using the vacuum. Because guys, I have heard some super loud vacuums in my life, especially when testing out those cheaper options out there.

As Tenka Ryohin reports a noise level of under 78dB (decibels) and it’s nice that companies are taking these noise levels way more seriously these days.

When it comes to actual cleaning, I’ve got to say, having the magnetic water tank mopping attachment makes a huge difference, especially when you’re doing a quick clean-up before your guests arrive or even before leaving the house.

The ability to get rid of the dirt and mop at the same time makes cleaning less of a hassle and saves time. And since it is magnetically attached, you can even remove it if you don’t need to mop. 

As for the main attachment, it comes with a dust roller and also the LED light to help with sensing and adjusting the suction levels, and of course for you to see the dust clearly, especially in the dark. And all of this is also thanks to the Dust-Sense Technology. 

The dust mite attachment also allows you to vacuum your sofas, carpets, beds, and pillows to get rid of the dust mites.


Additional Attachments & Add-Ons

Speaking of which, you can also get the other additional accessories that are sold separately too which would further enhance the cleaning experience. 

There is the Flexi Tube attachment that easily maneuvers tight and corner areas.

And then there is the Ultra Mop Add-On System which transforms the vacuum into a floor washer! YEAP! 

And yes, I will leave the links of these accessories in the description below as this is an add-on as an exclusive feature for this particular vacuum!

And speaking of the dust earlier, the K5 can hold up to 0.6L of dust in the collection compartment. 


Battery Life

When it comes to the battery life, the vacuum can be used continuously for 40 minutes at low speed and about 25 minutes at high speed. That is pretty standard for vacuums in this category, especially within this price range. Like I said, this performs just a bit more.

However, with the fact that it has a removable battery which means that you can purchase another battery to extend the usage time, charge the dead battery separately while you are working on the new battery.

During my time with the vacuum, I got around 35 minutes on a single charge with the settings set to Auto, which is a good balance but maybe not the best when it comes to battery life. So leaving it at Auto, adjust according to the dust as mentioned earlier.

Now, charging the battery to 100% will take you anywhere between 4 to 5 hours. And I managed to get about 50% after about 2 hours of charging.



Alright, so that’s all you need to know about the Tenka Ryohin Kyoku K5; I just love that name! It’s retailing at only RM389.99 on the official Tenka Ryohin store, which I will leave links down below for you to grab yourself one, where there is consistent 5-star ratings from people who have purchased this particular vacuum on Shopee as well.

Get the Tenka Ryohin Kyoku K5 at the link below:-

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