Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro Review


We’ll be talking about something everyone has nowadays – earbuds, Specifically these  Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro. Samsung’s latest and supposedly greatest earbuds launched together with their new foldable.


Let’s be honest; it seems like everyone is releasing headphones and earbuds

nowadays. However, we have to remember that Samsung has some experience when it comes to making audio products. Does Harman ring a bell? Yep – Samsung acquired the company back in 2017. So when it comes to know-how, Samsung has it.


The big question is whether that know-how has resulted in a good product worth the RM899 you’ll be investing in them.


Design & Build

Samsung hasn’t changed much when it comes to the design of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. The casing is the same we’ve seen before; that’s because there’s nothing wrong with the


That said, the earbuds themselves have had some design optimization. In fact, the updated Galaxy Buds2 Pro design feels very similar to the Samsung IconX from 2019. 


Samsung has elongated the Buds to give a better fit and seal when using them, and I will talk about the seal. The buds are 15% smaller than the Buds Pro. However, the new design is gentler on the ears, fits better when wearing them, and hangs on for dear life.


The matte finish of the Buds2 Pro is also a welcomed change. So no such thing as smudgy, oily buds; hence, they’re also easier to clean with the new design.



The buds have had some technological updates since the Buds Pro. The first thing most

apparent in addition to the design is noise canceling. Thanks to the optimized design, the buds

provide an excellent seal and block out noise. This basically means that most of the noise canceling have been taken care of. Samsung’s new noise-canceling algorithm complements this by producing a subliminal white noise that cancels out the remaining sound.


The noise canceling on the Galaxy Buds2 Pro is definitely better than the previous Buds. However, the tweaks also included a change in the frequency of white noise used.


The Buds2 Pro is also the first Buds to come with dual drivers. These drivers actually deliver much better sound with richer highs, fuller mids, and deeper bass. The audio quality is much better than previous buds or other more expensive options, hands down. That said, you may have to tweak the equalizer to fit your

auditory preference, as it may be a little too heavy in the mids and highs for some. Keep in mind that the earbuds are tuned by AKG, and they tend to favor mids and highs in their tuning.


So, the one downside of getting a set of Buds2 Pro without a Samsung device is the lack of support for the Seamless Codec. The new codec allows the Buds2 Pro to support true 24-bit audio wirelessly. This is evident when listening to tracks on TIDAL. The high-quality sound is richer and more detailed with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro with a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or Z Fold4 compared to a OnePlus or Windows Laptop. 


Speaking of multiple devices, Seamless Auto Switch allows you to jump from one device to another seamlessly. Paired with nearby connect, you’ll be able to use the Buds2 Pro with any device you want – even your Samsung TVs.


One of the unique features of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro is support for 360 Audio. With the proper audio tracks, this feature will allow you to be literally immersed in your audio. It’s a whole new experience, particularly when it comes to Live audio tracks or concert recordings. You can literally hear audio from all around you. 


Unlike the previous Buds, the Buds2 and its dual drivers allow a more immersive 5.1

and 7,.1 audio experience, which lends itself to true immersion when listening with 360 Audio.

Samsung has also opted to make head tracking optional. This was a little weird in the past as 360

audio seemed to be centered on the smartphone or tablet that plays the music instead of object-based sound. However, if you prefer it, you can toggle it in the Wear App.

Speaking of Apps, the Buds2 Pro works with the Wear App and also the SmartThings app. If you misplace your set, you can use the SmartThings app to search for it. You can search for their last location on the Find tab in the app. You can locate using nearby find, which will ping either the left or right bud and give you a green indicator that tells you if the buds are nearby. You can even make the buds scream till you find them.


Battery Life


Samsung claims that the Buds2 Pro has about 30 hours of battery life. In our tests, we got about 27-29 hours in total. This was spread over three 8-to-9-hour sessions with the buds. They do let you know when the battery is getting low, so you can charge the buds. The case itself supports wireless charging, which is a plus!



That’s everything you need to know about Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro. In a nutshell, it’s a REALLY  good set of earbuds to have in your arsenal, mainly if you’re using it for hands-free or daily commutes, and because of its dual driver, I personally think that audiophiles will surely appreciate these earbuds more as well.


At RM899, you would probably be a bit limited for choice with high-quality audio, and AKG’s tuning does give it a slight edge over similarly priced earbuds.

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