Rivals Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi To Join Forces To Create Wireless File Transfer Protocol

Yes, you are not dreaming. Oppo, Xiaomi and Vivo. Three bitter rivals in the smartphone wars have set aside their differences to work together to create a high-speed file-sharing protocol that is set to allow quicker and easier transfer of data between phones produced by the three.

While there wasn’t any joint press conference by all three parties, news broke of this “Inter-Transfer Alliance” (a term loosely translated from the original Chinese text) was revealed on a WeChat post on Xiaomi’s official MIUI account.

Though you may be thinking, “What is the big deal? Don’t they all run on Android?”. That may be true but these phones fundamentally are different as they are running three separate operating systems of their own design. Xiaomi has its MIUI, Oppo has ColorOS and Vivo runs on FunTouchOS.

To bring all these different operating systems together, the protocol will use Bluetooth to pair devices together. With it, the idea is to enable them to achieve transfer speeds o up to 20MB/s, which means it uses WiFi on the backend much like Apple’s AirDrop system.

A beta version of this service is expected to be released in August if reports are to be believed.

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