TCL Reveals Strange Accordion Like Foldable Prototype

TCL may not be a household name given the fact that it is the company behind the scenes licensed to produce BlackBerry devices, but not wanting to be left out of the action the company has started experimenting with foldable devices.

Indeed, 2019’s fascination with foldable phones has only intensified since Samsung launched the Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X is also on the horizon.

TCL is looking to one up these two big names by making a phone that has not one hinge but two hinges that split large 10-inch screen into thirds . Do we have your attention now?

At the moment TCL’s strange concertina-style (think of an accordion) does not even have a name. But from what little information there is, the device is said to be highly versatile, with the large screen able to display content on a large scale not seen before on any other device.

The zigzag pattern certainly is strange and unusual but it is good to see other phone makers taking a crack at foldable devices regardless how weird they may come.

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