The Samsung Galaxy Note10 | 10+ Are Smartphones You Should Never Leave Home Without!

Our smartphones have literally become extensions of ourselves as they are so intertwined with everything in our lives. There is hardly a moment from morning to night that we don’t use our beloved smartphone for work or play. The factor that into one of the best smartphones released this year and it comes to no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy Note10 | 10+ are devices you definitely shouldn’t leave at home.

Not convinced? Samsung Malaysia held a ‘Don’t Leave Home Without It’ hands-on workshop at the newly refurbished REX KL in conjunction with its #iChanged campaign.

Participants had the chance to learn from two experts namely fashion photographer Michael Yeoh and professional illustrator Marianne Tan on how they can get the most out of their Samsung Galaxy Note10 | 10+.

The workshop was split into three separate sessions, each focusing on a key aspect of the Galaxy Note10 | 10+ such as pro-grade photography and videography, AR Doodle and Google apps.

In today’s fast-moving world, once you blink you are likely to miss it. That is not the case with the Galaxy Note10 | 10+ as the device is made for people who live to share on social media. Whether you are crafting an Instagram post or YouTube vlog, the Galaxy Note10 | 10+ can do it all.

During one session, Yeoh explained and show participants how they can capture the best action shots, in this case, it was a team of break-dancers, using the phone in your pocket. With features like Super Steady Shot and Live-Focus Video, you will definitely elevate your photo skills in no time at all.

But if you are more of an artistic person, the Galaxy Note10 | 10+ has got you covered too. During a session, Tan showed participants how they can unleash their creativity by sketching simple and cute doodle arts to enhance any image that they capture. Used in unison with the Galaxy Note10 | 10+’s S Pen and AR technology adding drawings and animations to a scene has never been easier.

Last but not least, Samsung showed participants how to take advantage of the many Google features that we take for granted daily. Apps like Google Maps, Google Drive and YouTube are installed in our smartphones but how many of us really know how to make the best use of them? For this session, Samsung let participants loose on the streets of Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown, tasked with locating and photographing hidden street art and iconic locales.

No challenge is too difficult with the Galaxy Note10 | 10+ thanks to its all-day battery, S Pen, brilliant cameras and option for expandable storage. This is one device that truly does everything.

Now making the switch to the Galaxy Note10 | 10+ has never been easier as Samsung’s Smart Switch easily allows users to transfer all their data from their old phone to their new Samsung device without any hassle.

As part of the #iChanged campaign, Samsung Malaysia kicked off the incredible Power of 10 purchase promotion from now till 16 November in which every purchase of a Galaxy S10 | 10+ or Galaxy Note10 | 10+  are entitled to receive a complimentary Galaxy Fit worth RM369.

For more information about Samsung’s #iChanged campaign, please visit Samsung’s website.

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