Fitbit has been acquired by Google for US$2.1 Billion

Full Fitbit smartwatch and tracker family image for 2019 Q3.

Google has announced that it will acquire fitness wearable brand Fitbit for US$2.1 billion in cash.

Over the years Google has long tried to break into the wearables space with Wear OS and Google Fit that integrate with Made by Google wearables. Fitbit on the other hand has pioneered the wearables category by delivering innovative, affordable and engaging devices and services.

Well, it looks like Google will be taking matters into their own hands as the acquisition of Fitbit will likely strengthen their capability to develop their own wearable device thanks to the expertise of Fitbit when the acquisition completes in 2020.

There are no further details as to what this means for current Fitbit owners and how it will affect their devices in the long run future.

Fitbit has however stated that it will continue to support its Android and iOS users on its existing platforms.

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