Will there be more Foldable Android Phones In the Near-Future?

Are you ready for more Foldable phones? Given the fact that two of the highest-profile foldable phones: the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X are not even out yet as they are dogged by individual issues.

It seems at the very least that the official Android Twitter account is gung-ho on the prospect of more Android phones that will make the switch to the foldable form factor.

Though we have every reason to be sceptical over this, but Google sees a future in the foldable format as the next version of Android,  Android Q is ready to power the foldable phones of the future as it supports developers to do so.

However, honestly given the fact that these phones are astronomically expensive what chance does that live the average joe to ever own one of these fancy new high tech gadgets?

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