DJI’s New Mavic Mini Is The Perfect Drone For Beginners

It is undeniable that drones have changed the way we capture the world around us. But drones for the longest time have been associated with hobbyist and ethusiasts.

Now, DJI has released the Mavic Mini, its most compact foldable drone to date. No bigger than a large-screen smartphone, the Mavic Mini is claimed to be an everyday FlyCam that is easy to fly even for first time users.

Weighing in at just 249g, the Mavic Mini is 51g lighter than the DJI’s Spark. Despite its smaller size it has a maximum flight time of 30 minutes and boasts a 3-axis gimbal for grabbing stable shots.

Adding to thatm the Mavic Mini is able to rise up to a maximum height of 3,000m and flies up to 46.8km/h in Sports Mode or 13m/s under normal conditions.

You won’t find 4K video recording capabilities on the Mavic Mini, it has a 2.7K (2,720 x 1,530 resolution). On top of that, the device uses a 12MP f/2.8 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor with a field of view of 83-degrees.

The Mavic Mini even comes with its own controller so you don’t have to worry about buying one separately. The controller can be used together with a smartphone by attaching it to the controller. It is able to deliver live video feed from the drone up to distances of 4km so you can see where it is flying.

It also boasts an improved DJI Fly app that is simpler and more intuitive to use. Don’t have the chops to edit your own video? The DJI Fly app also has some preset creator templates to assemble your next epic video.

The one sacrifice the Mavic Mini makes is the exclusion of a collision avoidance system, so that opens it up to crashing into trees and other objects.

Interested in buying one? The Mavic Mini has a starting price of USD399 or about RM 1,667 that comes with a remote control, 1 x intelligent flight battery, a pair of spare propellars, 6 extra screws and cables.

The Mavic Mini isn’t out in stores locally but you expect it to hit Malaysian stores some time soon.

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