Secure Your WhatsApp Messages on Android With Your Fingerprint

Do you ever get the feeling your messages are out in the open even when you’ve locked your phone? Well, now you don’t have to worry any longer as WhatsApp on Android has recevied the ability to securely lock itself from prying eyes thanks to a new fingerprint unlock feature.

Granted this feature is not revolutionary or new as you probably have seen this security feature employed in banking apps that leverage on a smartphone’s fingerprint scanner.

To enable the feature, users will need to go within the Privacy section of the account tab and choose how frequent the lock would be engaged. So you can choose between having the app automatically lock itself immediately or have a grace period of up to 30 minutes before locking again.

WhatApp’s fingerprint unlocking feature is sure to help secure your private messages from prying eyes. If you haven’t received the update just yet, hold tight as it should be rolling out soon.


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