Google Offers Offline Version of Google Photos In The Form of Gallery Go

Google Photos is an awesome app for collecting and organising your precious photos but it constantly requires an online connection to access it.  Fortunately, Google has introduced Gallery Go, a lighter version of its popular photo app that is able to work entirely offline.

The app was primarily created to serve Android users living in countries that do not have stable Internet connections and run on phones that are not necessarily on the cutting edge.

The interface for the app is very simple, giving you a general overview of the photos, videos and screenshots that you have taken. For the most part, users should find this app quite sufficient to replace their boring gallery app that comes with their smartphones.

The best part about Gallery Go is that it retains the advanced machine learning features of Google Photos to help with organising your pictures and videos. Each night Gallery Go will automatically organise your photos by grouping them by different categories such as people, selfies, nature, animals and documents.

Apart from that you also gain some basic photo editing tools to help spruce up your photos. If all else fails there is always Google’s Auto-Enhance feature to make your photos look their best all with just one-tap.

Apart from using it organise photos, you can also view, copy and transfer them between SD cards if need be.

Interested to try Gallery Go? Just click on the link.


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